It is with GREAT pleasure that I am launching CANADADRONES.COM

Your Canadian source for UAV gear.


It is a Canadian Distributor web store where you will find all your ArduCopter needs!

After being bitten by the DIYDRONES bug nearly 2 years ago and ran into all the possible issues there could be with a Quad (Crashes / rebuild and Crashes cycles... you all know the drill)

I finally got tired of wait for my parts to get delivered to me and sometimes getting hit by the “surprize” duty fees!

So I’ve contacted all our friends with the BIG stores around here, jDrones.com, DIYDRONES.com and BuildYourOwnDrone.co.uk to get the ball rolling on opening my own distribution channel. (Sorry world, Canada only for me!)


As expected the feedback and help from these guys was awesome and I need to say that I am so proud to be part of this amazing community!  Thanks Jani for the countless hours of discussion, Thanks Martin for the hints and inside bits of your store plus the encouragement words. And all the staff at 3DRobotics (Yvett and all) for their supports on setting up the official distributor agreement.


Ok enough Oscars type speach... Although I need to say thanks to my wife and familly for the long hours of moral support they gave me while building what I know will be a real sucess story!


You know why I think it will be a great adventure? Because of YOU here, always happy to help around, educate and improove our products. So without further ado, Canadian customers welcome to my store!




Inventory is humble at the moment as this is considered “testing the water” but I have parts in stock to support all your Quad/Hexa needs, from the AutoPilot IMU to the full Original ArduCopter/Hexa and 3DR kits you will find what you need.

I will get regular restock from the real DIYDRONES suppliers so quality is there and it will grow with the demand just lilke Martin did over the pond!

Just like his mode of operation I will put Customer Service at the center of my business model.


This is just the begining of a wonderfull ride!


* as any new website launch there could be some bugs/glitches so please report any broken links/images or strange behavior to dany@canadadrones.com 




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  • Distributor

    Thanks guys for the good words!  

    I already had some orders last week as some people found out my site while I was testing and they badly needed parts so I can tell you that CanadaPost shipping is great at the moment. Cheap ($10-$20 for most orders) and depending what time you place the order you get it in 1-3 days.  

    As the store/business expand I will offer free shipping like the big players but at the moment you will understand that I need to build up the stock level.  (If there's rich Canadians around that wants to donate contact me hehe! accepting all the help I can find) 

    I currently have over 100 products and the plan is to even get more!  Jani has some nice things on the design table that I cannot speak about yet that will make customer happy.  


    A word to anyone that want to start this: make sure you are committed, it's a LOT of work! :) but just like the great mentor I got around here I will assist you and provide all the help I can. 



  • Congratulations!  You beat me to it, I was thinking about this recently...


    And you're pretty close too so hopefully it's cheap and quick to get stuff sent.

  • Yay, score one for us canucks!

  • Congratulations and good luck!

  • Congratulations ! You tempt me to  open a shop in france :(

  • Distributor

    Hi Dany,


    Congatulations, it's great to see that the day has come to open the doors, I wish you every success with the new store.





  • 3D Robotics

    Congrats!!! You're now added to the official distributor list.

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