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Brian Boyle commented on Jason Short's blog post ArduBalance sneak preview
"That is so cool! Could we turn it into a low cost Segway? I always wanted to build one of them."
Aug 8, 2012
Brian Boyle replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.5 released!
"Devs, Thank you so much for all your work! You are truly a great team!

I have a  question and please forgive me if this has been addressed somewhere else. Is the camera pitch and roll on the APM2 working on this release? or should i wait for a…"
Mar 18, 2012
Brian Boyle posted a discussion
HI folks.I need some assistance with the a axis camera mount I purchased. The gears for the tilt axis do not mesh well at all. You can see here what I mean. Also one of my HS-55 servos has decided that it wants to be able to spin freely so I need to…
Jan 15, 2012
Brian Boyle posted a discussion
Jan 14, 2012
Brian Boyle posted a discussion
If so, can you tell me what I am doing wrong with the interface to the mission planner? it tries to connect but fails.I have followed all online documentation about set up. I have verified baud rate, I have even checked the terminal windows in the…
Jan 4, 2012
Brian Boyle posted a discussion
Hey folks.Can anyone help with this one? In the mission planner, the artificial horizon says the copter is level. I have done two auto levels in my basement but the copter still tries to fly to the left at a fairly high rate. I have to give it…
Jan 2, 2012
Brian Boyle replied to john seaman's discussion Compass problem with 2.0.55
"For what its worth, I had this same problem. I did not have any problem with the installation of .55 and I had terrible drift in the compass. I had to disable simple mode as it would be almost impossible to fly. if it makes any difference, I also…"
Jan 2, 2012
Brian Boyle replied to Brian Boyle's discussion Radio Trim Settings.
"Maybe it is because my radio is old, maybe it is because of something else I am not aware of but even with recalibrating the radio and the ESC's I could not get this plan to work well at all.

I have moved on the plan that u4eake suggested, duct…"
Dec 31, 2011
Brian Boyle posted a discussion
Hi Everyone.I have a question about what your doing with the trim settings on your radio. I find it annoying to deal with the trim settings on my radio. Since we are not supposed to use them, what do you do with yours? I have always set my to the…
Dec 29, 2011
Brian Boyle commented on Chris Anderson's blog post DIY Drones on Bloomberg TV!
"Chris, Congrats on the publicity. Well done!"
Dec 15, 2011
Brian Boyle posted a discussion
I just did my preflight test. Specifically the hand test. Arming the motors and raising the throttle to ruffly 35-40%. The quad reacted as expected when tilted left or right. It tried to level it's self out by increasing the power to the lowered…
Dec 14, 2011
Brian Boyle posted a discussion
Hey folks.Can I ask a question about this frame. I just got mine and I am wondering if perhaps I am missing some parts. Does the kit not come with mounting screws for the APM?Unfortunitly the local Lowes does not have any M3 screws with nuts so I…
Dec 10, 2011
Brian Boyle posted a discussion
Hey folks.Quick question, I have heard many people say bullet connectors are bad. I just got my 3DR quad frame kit and I am trying to decide whether to use the bullets connectors or not. The bullets in this kit look different to the ones I have seen…
Dec 5, 2011
Brian Boyle commented on Dany Thivierge's blog post CANADADRONES.COM is OPEN!
"Yay, score one for us canucks!"
Nov 24, 2011
Brian Boyle replied to Don Pollitz's discussion Motor screws
"It is definitely possible to screw a screw right in to the workings of the motor. BEWARE. I just did that last night and was severely disappointed in my self.
The funny thing is, I just came in from shortening all my motor mount screws.
Nov 16, 2011
Brian Boyle commented on Michal Rusina's blog post Custom Quad build (v2)
"If the motor is slightly bend you will find that you might get some undesirable yaw. it really depends on the direction the motor get tilted to.  it was not that big a deal, as Arashi says, you just bend it back and your back in the game again. but…"
Oct 22, 2011