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john seaman commented on Mark Harrison's blog post Forbes: Flying A Drone Through Fireworks May Land You In Prison
"The first video flight through fireworks probably put the quad itself at risk more than anyone in the surrounding area. Fireworks launches typically have a restricted access zone. Perhaps a freak accident where the quad crashes into the fireworks…"
Jul 5, 2014
john seaman commented on Toby Lankford's blog post Aerial VIsta Challenge Team Design Concept
"I would argue that using a dazzler on a UAV is a bad idea.  
1) The engineering challenges of mounting and safely operating this device are not insignificant.  The website of LE Systems who make what they claim is the smallest portable hi-power…"
Feb 27, 2014
john seaman replied to Craiginho's discussion Can't connect to APM2.5 through USB Mavlink
"I fixed my issue on 1 PC by uninstalling MP plus the windows driver packages.  Then I put 1.2.72 on, this version installs 2 drivers.  This connected !  So, there is definitely something going on in software / driver land.  It's late-ish for me now…"
Nov 4, 2013
john seaman replied to Craiginho's discussion Can't connect to APM2.5 through USB Mavlink
"Hmm, same problem on a APM 2 over USB.  Tested on 2 PC's, 2 USB cables, same symptoms...

Windows 7 x64
APM / mission planner new install of 1.2.85
APM2 with external 3DR GPS, FW 3.0.1
USB goes to COM3 @ 115200 (detects APM board)
MAVlink times…"
Nov 3, 2013
john seaman commented on Philip's blog post FPV setup with raspberry Pi
"Sorry, not clear, is the video going over an IP transport ?  If yes, and you are using a network stack on the Pi, convert your video streaming to UDP and if there is any TCP control traffic set up a really big TCP window size.  This will give you…"
Oct 10, 2013
john seaman commented on Randy's blog post UAVs for measuring radiation levels in Japan
"The video says it's 70 cm diameter, weighs 1.3 kg, powered by LiOn batteries, has a real-time video downlink and can fly for 30 minutes at 30 KPH.  Also mentions it's autonomous with a pre-programmed route and the operator is only manipulating the…"
Apr 11, 2013
john seaman replied to Calum Barnes's discussion Arducopter 3DR-B 880kv Motor Assembly Problem
"It's a feature.  It would be nice if the product page or installation directions mentioned this.  I drilled mine out (don't remember the bit size, but I used metric)."
Jul 26, 2012
john seaman commented on Shannon Morrisey's blog post Aircraft Design for Fail
"Honey, did you see my winglet...?

Sorry couldn't resist.  Great article.  Cascading failure is a very interesting subject."
Jun 16, 2012
john seaman replied to John Lundberg's discussion Climbrate all over the place??
"I've noticed the same thing, with two different versions of code on my APM2, the latest being 2.1.1.  I'm still building the frame so I've not actually flown yet though."
Jan 12, 2012
john seaman commented on Gareth Rens's blog post Backup system for BEC
"HobbyKing has this.  It's a nice start, but 1) 5.9v, not 5; 2) you have to push buttons to set it; 3) shipping weight is 49g, not sure how much the gizmo weighs in at, but probably more than we want to add to small quads..
I'm guessing the APM relay…"
Jan 10, 2012
john seaman commented on Gareth Rens's blog post Effects of cellphone/batteries/magnets/acceleration on IMU [VectorNav video]
"I visited an office building (225 Broadway St, New York) for a week and every time the Subway went through the basement, every CRT display in the place went crazy.  So I guess flying your quad over subway trains is out as well.  :-)"
Dec 29, 2011
john seaman commented on Don Brooks's blog post MyDIYTri part 4
"Darn, we went to data domain for backups and there's no more tapes laying around.  Nice setup.  Is that an LTO case on the bottom and DAT on the top ?"
Dec 29, 2011
john seaman replied to john seaman's discussion Failsafe in 2.1 failing ( was 2.0.50 fail...?)
"I managed to fix this issue once with my Optima7 RX by setting APM mode 4 to RTL, then programming the RX failsafe value to the lowest value.

I've since upgraded to EzUHF, and the RX functions a bit differently.  The lowest value I can get with my…"
Dec 28, 2011
john seaman commented on Sam Kelly's blog post Remzibi OSD now in stock at the DIY Drones store
"The Battery connector ($1.50 value) is currently out of stock, so I couldn't add one to my shopping cart. Drats batman!

BTW, is there still a MinimOSD coming soon ?"
Dec 23, 2011
john seaman replied to john seaman's discussion APM2 ESC BEC doesn't power up the board
"OK, found it.  Poking around with the DVM a little, J1 needs to be jumpered if the ESC BEC is going to power the board.
I know the documentation is a little lean at this point, but for $199 it would be nice to at least throw in the jumper itself so…"
Dec 22, 2011
john seaman posted a discussion
OK, I got my shiny new APM2 purple board on Tuesday.  I powered it up with the microUSB cable, installed 2.1a and everything checks out.  Easiest Out-Of-Box experience ever.  I can't find Arducopter APM2 docs yet, but I found the ArduPlane wiki now…
Dec 22, 2011