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DIY Drones on Bloomberg TV!

3689437411?profile=originalBloomberg TV just ran a cool feature on DIY Drones and 3D Robotics. The embedding isn't working, but you can watch it here. You also get to see former MTV VJ Tabitha Soren crash an ArduCopter into a wall. Maybe the best way to teach her to fly RC for the first time wasn't on-camera and a few feet from a building ;-)

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    You can't tell from the video but she was actually flying it fine for several minutes. She just came back to the launch area a little too fast and didn't have enough time to slow down. Other than that, she was a pro ;-)

  • Did someone not tell Tabitha that she was flying a Mode 2 controller?  She must have thought it was Mode 1.

  • 3D Robotics

    Fab: Not sure what you mean. DIYDrones is a not-for-profit website, not a company. All revenues from advertising goes to cover hosting and related costs (I also contribute from my own pocket).

    3D Robotic, in contrast, is one of many for-profit companies (others are JDrones, Undrones and many regional distributors) that serve the DIY Drones community. 

  • Chris, Congrats on the publicity. Well done!

  • Yep agree that 3dr should do whatever they want. The "not for profit" comment in the video was specifically related to the site.

  • Developer

    Don't confuse revenue with profit. And besides 3DRobotics is the normal day job for those working there. I would not be comfortable working at a company that was barley making due with no margin for error in development cost or anything. They still sell hardware at much less then it would cost to make on-offs for our selfs.

  • You are worried about a camera and a wall? How about faces? Goggles for new users!

    Hey, what was that about diyd being not for profit? If so then why the link to the diyd store at the top of the site and why the special ad for AMP 2.0? A bit of honesty wouldn't hurt :)

  • great interview Chris, very well done :)

  • "multi million dollar company"

  • Excellent interview! Watched it with great pleasure, very interesting!

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