UAVs and 3D printing - A match made in heaven?

Have just seen the following article on The Register:


Ok, so it is a touch pricey (£5000), but not so long ago, 3D printing was silly expensive. Then came RepRap and the others.


More information from New Scientist:


dn20737-1_300.jpgI have to say that it looks quite nice too.

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  • I've been using it for awhile now. Very expensive process though especially if you want big bits like wings!


  • Awesome ! It will revolutionize our world of small UAV's 


  • Yes, 3D printing is coming!

    John, I have a big helicopter cannopy here, printed. Wouldn´t believe it´s possible, when the designer told me... Compared to fiberglass it´s heavier and less robust (the layers of the printing can and do break apart)

    But for a prototype is was cheaper in the end then building a classical mold. And thats where I see the market at the moment. Working prototypes.

    But there is more to come. I rad that the big companies are working on sintering titanium... Pint your fighter jet :-)

  • Developer

    Definitively something for the future. I wonder how it compares to a more traditional wood/fiberglass design in terms of weight and strength.

  • £17,000 a few years back got you 10"x10"x10" and cost loads to do (iPod dock = £80 material)

    £1,000 for rep rap (first built in Bath Uni only 15 minutes from my house) with 10"x10"x10" and £240/km worth of printing.


    My friend that does my laser cutting has both the above and his laser but finding valid reasons to use this stuff is harder than it looks. I have access and have only had a few ideas done (and one included the parts for a reprap).

  • Awesome! 3d printing has an amazing future!!!!
  • 3D Robotics

    Seriously amazing. Solidworks + Laser 3D printer = never leaving my room again.

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