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  • Indeed! What a printer. But some how I don't like the name"printer" for this technology they have to think a bigger name than printer.
  • And you HAVE to see this one!

    Now that is a printer!!
    The Big 3D Print
    Developments on my 3D printing machines, as well as my perspectives on the rapidly growing commercial and DIY 3D printing communities.
  • Wilfrid, you are a lucky man! 


    To get something like that past my wife, I would need my own workshop, or an office with hidden compartments! Maybe in the new house...


    That plane mentioned in the Mail has been covered a couple of times on here. It really is amazing what you can do with selective laser sintering.

  • I plunged !

    I'm waiting my new 3D printer, in few days :)

    an Axis 2.1 PLUS 3D Printer 

    I want to test it,  for making somme little thing for my new Multi-copter, and other professional Uses.


  • That does nothing but make me want a 3D printer even more.


    I really am going to have to start saving for one next year.

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