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I am an engineer own my business involving in construction and bridge making and trade relating to building materials

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have been flying RC for the past 50 years.



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Dec 10, 2020
avionics commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Finals of the FormulaPi autonomous car race
"It looks like the sensors are more sensitive to green colour than others? "
Jan 28, 2017
avionics commented on Kirill's blog post SmartAP 4 is coming soon
"Kirill the specs are amazing. It looks like a very accurate design. This can be a new milestone.
My hat off!!."
Apr 10, 2016
avionics commented on David Anders's blog post Clip the wings of drone cowboys?
"As a member of Diydrones and a RC flyer for the past 45 years I think I have enough exposure to this hobby to know the importance of the safety issues. we RC flyers always fly in our local clubs with strictly observing the safety procedures…"
Sep 7, 2015
avionics commented on Martin Rüedi's blog post My project FlightZoomer: realistic flight instruments, navigation systems and auto flight systems
"absolute beauty"
Aug 16, 2015
avionics commented on Dan Wilson's blog post Autonomous Airborne Docking for Refueling or Recharging
"I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video. Thanks for sharing it. "
Apr 18, 2015
avionics commented on Kirill's blog post SmartAP 3.0 Pro
"Krill this looks amazing. You are mastering the UAV i can see."
Nov 3, 2014
avionics commented on Jonatan Domenech's blog post Barcelona 3D printed UAV
"beautiful design!"
May 11, 2014
avionics commented on Paul Krajewski's blog post Simple Modular Flight Mode Switch - Build it for $20
"WOOOWWWW , This is real stuff. thanks man."
May 8, 2014
avionics commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Latest musical drone composition from Kmel
"Justt looking forward to the day we go to concerts played by the robots :-)"
Apr 23, 2014
avionics commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Emergency Auto Landing - APM saves sUAV
"This was one of the best vidoes i've ever watched. Thoroughly enjoyed it."
Apr 17, 2014
avionics commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Senator Feinstein: "It should be a crime for a private individual to arm a drone."
"Perhaps the time has come to ask the guys to change the name "Armed" in Mission Planner !!! it is scaring some people :-)"
Jan 16, 2014
avionics commented on AKRCGUY's blog post Wow! Check out this perspective....
"I think its a fantastic idea, well done guys."
Sep 28, 2013
avionics commented on Phil P's blog post SF02 Laser "Altimeter" review
"did you tell them our community is about 40,000 and each one wouldn't mine testing it and send the results to them? of course we wouldn't charge them :-)"
Sep 22, 2013
avionics commented on Sean Tierney's blog post 123D Circuits
"I don't think it works well, the search takes along time I gave up and the whole thing seem to be very slow which I gave up at the end
Sep 13, 2013
avionics replied to Greg Kosin's discussion New with questions in ArduCopter User Group
"You seem to be the perfect fit to this community. Welcome !"
Sep 11, 2013