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  • 3D Robotics

    Pretty cool. I read gopro might release a similar mount.

  • with the right processing tools the boom and camera would be easy to "photoshop" out of the video leaving a nice stable perspective of the vehicle in flight - great footage for quad sales folks.

  • that video is cool.  is the camera "stalk" made of wood in this video?


  • A basic rule for an test - the method of measuring the results should not affect the data.  what this device would do is allow you to SEE a new device, procedure, whatever, in action under real flight conditions.  the overall performance of the vehicle would certainly be altered by this device but the airflow around the vehicle would be minimally affected for an airplane type shape and virtually not at all for a helicopter.  awesome idea and implementation.

  • Dennis Okeefe - you mean something like this? ;)

  • Ken, I think the Heisenberg Principle applies.  You can't use this system to see how your plane is handling, because it drastically alters the handling. Ditto multirotors.

  • Awesome perspective and well implemented. When rotating the shot maintains very solid and
    I liked to see the interaction with other airframes too. Very good!
  • I think its a fantastic idea, well done guys.

  • a simple version of it for a quad would be useful for "flight test" of new  mods.


  • Admin

    With that type of camera mount, the airframe will fly different for sure :)). Almost looks like graphics.

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