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Hello everyone, I have been lurking for a few days reading up on all the fun stuff everyone is doing. I want to get into this hobby and have some questions. First my background is in electronics and have excellent mechanical skills as well so this stuff is right up my alley so to speak. I have been an RC plane flyer years ago until all my planes were stolen from my garage. Then I started into RC helicopters which I currently own. I have a 450 and a 600 but don't fly much as I am not a great pilot. I can hover and do some slow maneuvers but no fast forward flight. I want to get into multicopters and have a few questions since I have never flown one. How does it compare to a standard helicopter in terms of ease of flight? I read that multicopters are easier to fly is this true?? My helicopters are just collecting dust for the most part so I am considering selling them to fund my new adventure. 

Next I have a Spectrum DX7 the first model of the DX7 not the s version. Will this radio be sufficient to fly these multicoptors? My goal is to learn to fly and do video and photography and that is another hobby of mine so combining the flight and photography is very appealing to me. I have been looking at the Y6 as a platform to use and am impressed with what I have seen so far. 

I am sure more questions will come up but these are what is on my mind for now. 



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  • I am anxious to get started. BTW is there a market place here somewhere that members sell stuff like when they upgrade to bigger and better things? 


  • Hi Greg,

    Just a quick reply:  Jump in with both feet!  The multi's are much easier to fly in my opinion, especially with the stabilization the APM (and, frankly, the other flight controllers out there) brings.  A DX7 is plenty to get you going.  Technically you could fly with 5 channels - pitch, roll, yaw, throttle, and flight mode, but the more you have, the better off you'll be down the road when you want to start adding options to your flying experience.  My advice is to start small and easy and work your way up.  Build a multi and fly it around, learn to fly Line of Sight.  Test the return-to-launch capabilities.  Then add FPV and eventually get into the dual camera setup.  

    I've personally not flown any of the Y6/X8 copter configs, but I've seen them fly and they are pretty cool with their redundancy.

    Best of luck!

  • You sound like me.  I've had a few heli's - some coax and a cp.  Struggled with them.  I have a DX7 and am flying the 3DR Quad.  My recommendation - get yourself a Hubsan X4.  I got mine from - went through two of them and it made me really confident and comfortable first time I flew the 3DR.  Good luck!

  • Hi Greg, Welcome!

    Quite right, multicopters are easier to fly than traditional helis, because they auto-stabilise. Basic Heli flying experience is still necessary though, but you have that already. Of course Orientation and co-ordination is still the same problem as before, especially when flying towards yourself, but there are software features that can take care of that too.

    Your DX7 is perfect for the use. you really only need the 4 basic directional controls and a mode switch to get started, so perfect. I have a Y6 too, and it is GREAT.

    Chat soon


  • You seem to be the perfect fit to this community. Welcome !

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