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The next generation of SmartAP Autopilot - SmartAP 3.0 Pro has been released for public recently. This is the state of the art flight control system for multirotor UAVs capable of fully autonomous flight. It has a powerful MCU STM32F4, 9-axis IMU, integrated telemetry module and the latest GPS receiver from UBlox (UBlox NEO 8) already integrated onboard. SmartAP 3.0 was developed using the latest electronic components available at the moment, which allowed us to achieve amazing results in navigation and control precision.

The list of SmartAP 3.0 features:
- Powerful microcontroller 32 bit 168 MHz STM32F4 ARM Cortex M4
- Compact board size of 8x8 cm (3.15"x3.15"), weight 60g, 6 layers PCB design
- Power supply from main LiPO battery (3S - 8S) support, up to 36 Volts
- Power supply from BEC 5V support
- 12V, 5V, 3.3V generated onboard
- Integrated GPS receiver (UBlox NEO8, GPS/GLONASS, up to 24 sats, 10 Hz) active antenna, exnternal module is supported as well
- Integrated telemetry module (100 mW), external module is supported as well (up to 5V@1A powered)
- Up to 24 PWM I/O support (5V out, high-power), SBUS support
- USB interface for configuration / firmware update
- 6-pin JTAG port for programming / debugging
- Various communication lines (UART/USART, RS232, I2C, SPI)
- MicroSD card driven by 4-bit SDIO interface for data-logging / parameters
- Backup battery for real-time clock and GPS receiver
- Integrated main LiPo battery voltage monitoring
- 4 ADC inputs, battery voltage / current monitoring
- Electromagnetic sound audio indicator
- 4-channels bright LED support (up to 100mA/ch)
- Sound voice speaker support
- RBG LED Indicator
- 2-channels solid state relay

IMU: InvenSense MPU-9150, STMicroelectronics LIS3DSH
Magnetometer: Honeywell HMC5883L
Pressure sensors: MS5611

Firmware capabilities:
- Extremely stable flight in stabilize (user control), position hold (semi-autonomous control) and auto (fully autonomos navigation and control) modes.
- MAVLink compatible Ground Control Station protocol
- Accurate GPS Position hold (up to 40cm with good GPS reception quality)
- Accurate Altitude hold (up to 10 cm), manual altitude override
- Fully autonomous waypoints flight, return to home mode
- Low battery detection and event triggering

Here is the demo video showing Altitude and Position Hold mode:

More info about the project can be found at

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  • John, the compass (HMC5883) is integrated onboard, optionally, you external compass can be used.

  • I see no reference to the compass - how do you deal with it?

  • Avionics, thank you! Yes, I am! :)

  • Krill this looks amazing. You are mastering the UAV i can see.
  • Jesse, this is pre-release of the system, it's going to be available for order in December. The price is going to be in price range of DJI A2 / Wookong / AutoQuad. 

    Joshua, thanks for answering, yes, that's correct. I just may add that if we can see enough requests from potential customers, then we will establish mass production and start working with distributors.

    Rana, only GPS module is integrated onboard. Active GPS antenna is external. We already did all tests for EMI compatibility, 18 satellites in use even indoor, 23 satellites in use outdoor, positioning accuracy < 0.4m.

  • Great efforts, you have integrated the telemetry radio and GPS on the the main board,but no shielding, surprising, this may create problem, I have experience. 

  • @Jesse - I believe that SmartAP autopilots are only available through request. This was posted in regards to a similar question on one of their previous versions of the SmartAP:

    (Post by Kirill)
    Thanks! And yes, you're right. At the moment this is mostly research project which demonstrates the capabilities of the system. Of course, I have plans to commercialize the project, but I still need to finish some things, however, on the whole the autopilot is almost ready. I just can say that I'll try to set competitive price (it's quite difficult for the first times, because production costs are much bigger for less quantity).Anyway, beta testers are welcome already today, so if you want to become one of them - pm me at diydrones or here.

  • Perhaps I'm going blind, but I can't see anything about how to order it, or how much it is?

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