Barcelona 3D printed UAV


Hi UAVers!

I would like to show you the new Barcelona 100% 3D printed UAV.

Basic Features:

1500mm wingspan

1000mm fuselage length

845g operational weight

I think it is the first one in Spain, the second one in Europe and the fifth in the world (after SULSA, AMRC, WENDY & VAST) Is there any list of 3D 100% 3D printed UAV's?

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  • Payload is embedded between 3 beams by Xcote or X cover

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    UAV - is a primarily payload.

  • Uploaded to CADDrones news.

    Thank you

  • You can upload them on of course! I'm glad you email me and contacted me about you wanting to work together on CAD Drones.
  • About structural testing, there is a static one of the wing. Result was an Ultimate load of 2, therefor I have added a GFRP tubular in middle wing part to be able to support loops (3-4g) and nervous operation environment.

  • Looking forward to more information, looks very nice!

    You can upload files to for sharing, there is already another FDM UAV on there. 

  • There are more videos of the Barcelona 3D printed UAV: the structural tests and PLA tensil tests will be uploaded early. This is an interesting information because I have compared the strength vs weight in different printing axis and configurations.

    Here it is an explanation, but in Catalan. I have translate it in subtitulation, press CC.

  • Barcelona 3D printed UAV have been printed by RepRap BCN 3D+ (1000 $ printer) and half PLA bobine (20$)

    I would like to upload free STL files, but I don't know where?

    This is my final degree project in aerospace vehicles engineering. The feasibility study of 3D printing in UAV apps.

    And result is a 1500mm wingspan of only 845g including avionics (engine, telemetry, battery, servos and speed controller)


  • Did you do any structural testing? Any idea what your ultimate load might be? Also, weight per square meter? 

  • beautiful design!

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