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  • It would be pretty straightforward to write some software to automatically remove the boom too, because it's always in a fixed position in screen-space. You wouldn't get perfect in-fill (it would need to make it up from neighbouring frames, but some basic optic-flow would help a lot, I'm guessing it would be invisible most of the time.

  • I declare this to be awesome. I saw a video not too long ago of a motorcyclist with a rig like this adjusted so the top of the helmet was at the top of the frame so you couldn't see the boom. Was hoping someone would put it in the air. Nice job!

  • warthox that was insanely dizzying and glorious. Forget fpv though. wow, I can't imagine piloting a quad like that. Unbeleavable.
  • Ditto...very cool.  But I'm getting a fierce case of that iOS 7 vertigo watching these vids.

  • Woah.wait .WHAT????
    That is the most impressive thing I have seen in a while!. KUDOS!

  • that really cool!

  • I did the same thing but on a car! It is stabilized with a gyro.

  • Wow! What a boring perspective!

  • Distributor

    I LOVE IT! 

    really neat !  now I have to try something similar... an acrylic pole (transparent) would be nicer! 

  • Awesome! You did a fantastic job.


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