Barcelona 3D printed UAV


Hi UAVers!

I would like to show you the new Barcelona 100% 3D printed UAV.

Basic Features:

1500mm wingspan

1000mm fuselage length

845g operational weight

I think it is the first one in Spain, the second one in Europe and the fifth in the world (after SULSA, AMRC, WENDY & VAST) Is there any list of 3D 100% 3D printed UAV's?

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  • We used to have it I believe on but now that we're on a different platform I don't think Jonatan has had the chance to upload them.

  • may i know where i can get the link for the Wendy uav?, btw, it's a nice plane.

  • Thanks in advance for uploading the files and preparing the website with assembly/welding instructions. I will definitely be printing one of these.

    If you decide to let people have access to your CAD files so they can make their own design changes, I would be interested.
  • I'm renaming files and drawing a complet model part. STL will be uploaded tomorrow!

    I have make a google+ website wiyh some photos in order to show welding process and assembly.

  • I am to Badman!  Last I talked with him he is going to upload the STL files via the Database on CAD Drones.  He could upload the STL files separately under one database submission or even in a zip file in a database submission.

  • Looking forward to these .STLs..

    Very nice design...

  • I was thinking the same thing. I think he just shared the blog. I don't think he has put the STL files in the database or forums.
  • T3

    I went and searched CAD Drones website but don't see any STL files there. Are they available or was the update on the blog all that was done there?

  • Yes. I have visit thinginvers, but I have a lot of STL file and I am thinking in some assembly process.

    When uploaded I'll comment here!

    Thing are 10 parts, fuselage 11, tail 8.

    Maybe it is better the CAD file? divided by parts and you can export any STL? Don't know.

  • Jonatan,

    Are you going to upload the STL files somewhere? Looks like a very interesting project.
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