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Ron Curry replied to Vernon Barry's discussion Flashing 3DR ESCs or RC timer ESCs with MUCH better firmware
"There is a lot of enthusiasm for the Simonk firmware. Some of it warranted some not so much. Fact is you do need to calibrate them because of variances in the clock circuits from ESC to ESC even of the exact same type and brand. Latest versions of…"
Jun 13, 2012
Ron Curry replied to Rick Eis's discussion Low Dropout Regulator 5V 1A
"I got with Jordi and the 3DR team and we researched and clarified the power requirements for the APM2.0 and there is new, more detailed information on the power requirements that are approved by the 3DR engineering team. This information is based…"
Jun 4, 2012
Ron Curry commented on Chris Anderson's blog post HoverFly: New commercial quadcopter control board
"I have the board set - FC plus GPS/Nav. It is truly amazing. The position/altitudhold/loiter is spot on and RTH, etc all work as advertised. It's a bit pricey compared to open source stuff but it truly works right out of the box. I've tried it on 3…"
May 27, 2012
Ron Curry commented on Chris Anderson's blog post MicroFly, a Wifi-controlled nanoquad project, makes its Kickstarter goal
"I would expect to see this in the sun $200 range - complete- just to have a market. The board need to be $20 max.

WRT redundant IMUs. There is little/no value in having "redundant" IMUs for a product in this categog. These parts are amazingly…"
May 26, 2012
Ron Curry replied to Ryan Alexander Bahr's discussion Connecting APM2 with Reciever/ESC(w/BEC), general questions.
This seems to have been sitting here for about a week so I'll help out and just go down the page in order.
- Optima 9 RX cables: The little notch is intended for a "key" on the mating connector. Only Futaba type connectors have these and it…"
May 24, 2012
Ron Curry replied to Daniel Nugent's discussion Custom code on APM 2.0 in Learning to program the Ardupilot Mega
Lot's of folks are writing portions of code from scratch.The current Ardupilot dev team consists of about 5-10 expert programmers and another 10-15 people contributing code. Same for multiWii and other full autopilot projects. I guess it depends…"
May 9, 2012
Ron Curry commented on John Campen's blog post Rubber suspended mounting of the APM board not a good idea
"There actually is a lot of prior art here. In the traditional helicopter comment we've been dealing with this for several years now especially when it comes to Flybarless controllers and especially the more advanced ones that have both gyros and…"
Apr 19, 2012
Ron Curry commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post The bar has been raised
"Imagine how difficult it would have been test flying the system in the USA.

What a ridiculous statement. If you intend to start a flame war you could at least start it based on an educated statement instead of one based on ignorance. You clearly…"
Apr 18, 2012
Ron Curry commented on Ron Curry's blog post How long will unregulated FPV and RC last?
"I wasn't trying just dredge up an old topic or cause pointless debate with this blog post. I also want to say that the young man that flew this mission is a real good guy and I don't consider him irresponsible. I spoke with him at length and it was…"
Apr 1, 2012
Ron Curry posted a blog post
Another title might be "How long before we kill someone?".Why such a provocative title? Well, a few days ago a fellow RC enthusiast approached me brimming with pride and sense of accomplishment. He wanted to tell me how he had flow his FPV RC…
Mar 31, 2012
Ron Curry replied to Gerry Mostert's discussion APM2 Octocopter
"Building one right now. Test flight today or tomorrow! Will let you know..."
Mar 29, 2012
Ron Curry replied to Mike Estee's discussion Experimental: Futaba SBUS support for APM2
Wow! This is very cool. I've been wanting to implement SBUS on APM 1 and 2 for a number of months and have dabbled at it but haven't spent any serious time or brainpower. Your work will help. I want to implement it in the on-board PPM encoder.…"
Mar 29, 2012
Ron Curry replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion Rotor Speed Governor
"Hi Robert,
I'm back from my 3 month trip so starting to get re-engaged....
I'm never one to reinvent the wheel and having used the governor's built into nearly all the good ESC's on the market can I ask have you used them (Align and Castle) and why…"
Mar 24, 2012
Ron Curry replied to Justin's discussion Motor and prop choice
"Good question. This is often the subject of much debate and speculation without much data to back up the decisions. If you want to take a more data based approach that can get you exactly the results you desire.

First you should decide whether you…"
Feb 4, 2012
Ron Curry replied to Ellison Chan's discussion DIYDrones Rants and Raves
"Hi Ellison, 
This is more of an observation and a suggestion rather than a complaint and it's not directed at you but rather those responsible for getting the APM2 into production and marketing it. So here you go:

I'll bet a lot of people are…"
Feb 1, 2012
Ron Curry commented on Max Levine's blog post The easiest way to mount APM2 on ArduCopter.
"I intended to say: "BTW, my comments are NOT to imply the o-ring idea is bad". My apologies for the typo..."
Jan 30, 2012