So looks like I'll be starting my Quadcopter project earlier than I expected :) YAY

I'm planning on getting the new APM2 board and possibly this frame (With looks like that how could you turn it down???)


How can I work out what size/type motor and prop I'll need for it?
Would work?  What's the difference between that and the 3x more expensive ?  Both seem to have similar thrust so what benefit would the pricier one give?

Also what's the benefit of going for a 'slimline' as above Vs something like ?


Sorry if they're basic questions, I just don't want to waste time/money buying the wrong stuff!

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This is a similar question I've had myself as I'm also just starting out. However, I received no answer here. There is a lot of info and documentation on the electronics, but little to none on which motors and rotors to use. Soooo, I just ordered some parts and will see how it goes.

Here is what I ordered:



I'm not sure if these are correct, but the motor reviews show that a couple people successfully used them with quadcopters, even with camera mounted.

BTW, this community does not seem that welcoming to beginners. Just my 2 cents. Maybe I'm just spoiled after being in the very welcoming RepRap community.

Motor/prop combo is one of the big questions for multicopters with many right answers.

I used the Hextronik DT750 with 11x4.7 props on a Tricopter and they work very well - quiet, hovers at 50% throttle and plenty of power for carrying loads.

Good price, but the leads aren't secured so you need to add a dab of epoxy otherwise they may fracture over time.  Also, the grub screws on the mounting need Loctite.

Good question. This is often the subject of much debate and speculation without much data to back up the decisions. If you want to take a more data based approach that can get you exactly the results you desire.

First you should decide whether you want to do sport flying or FPV/AP. For sport flying you want agility and  8-10 minutes of flying time is often the target. For FPV/AP you want stability, long flight times, and higher payload carrying ability.

Using this great tool: you can plug in all the characteristics of your aircraft and com pare different combinations of props, motors, ESC, and batteries and find the combination that gives you what you want.

YMMV but I typically take this approach:

Agility: Light weight, 8-10" props, 900 - 1200 KV motors, 2200mah-3000mah 3s/4s battery. Then you play with motor wattage to get the power headroom you want.

Stability: 10-12" props, 600-900kv motors, 3000-5000mah 3s/4s batteries. Then you play with motor wattage to get the payload capacity and flight endurance you want.

It's rather eyeopening when you plug in some of the combinations some people suggest and find how good or bad they are!

Hope this helps.

Do you think you could provide your settings for that calculator?  It doesn't seem to matter what settings I've put in (I tried from realistic to completely unrealistic - Light weight with mass batteries etc.) but constantly get:

*The Power is not sufficient to hover*

Here's what I just tried.  It's for the new Quad I'm building and - fortunately - the results look OK to my untrained eye, although I might need to get a bigger battery.


I copied your settings and got a result, then realised why I didn't get a result (I forgot to enter 1 field).

Now the calc is working great :)

After playing around with different values in everything I've decided that this motor seems to fit my needs best.  Having not played around with this motor before though, I am wondering, in a quadcopter when there is a lot of force on the propellers, what keeps the props on these as it looks like a smooth shaft without anything to mount the blade down?

Use spinners:

BTW, be aware that those motors are front mounting and don't come with a mount.  The frame you mentioned is designed for rear mounting motors and you'd need to mess around reversing the shafts to mount these ones.


Where do you get your 11x4.7 Props?   Are these APC?

I've used these HK props on the Tricopter and highly recommend them:

It's my first multicopter (any-copter) so there have been lots of crashes.  In all that, I've only lost 2 of these props (and a few with gouges out of others) so very sturdy.

However, for the quad, there is no Pusher equivalent.  The Pushers that HK sell as "GWS Style" are, frankly, rubbish.  A friend tried them on his quad, and a hard, upright landing in long grass saw 3 broken.

For the quad, I'm using a mix of APC Pushers and the HK SF.  However, I'm having yaw issues so waiting on some APC normals so I can eliminate the props as the source of the problem.

Got the APC's online from a local source.  Wouldn't recommend them because it took 5 days for them to be posted.

Oh yes I didn't think of how it was being mounted. 
Thanks for pointing that out :)
More research tonight before buying!!

Not to take over your thread but...its kinda similar. I am also attempting my first quad(first air rc attempt in general). I have it all together rough and dirty. I have turnigy park 450 with turnigy 30a esc's a 2200 batt and a apm 2.0(yay 24 hr old!!). I am using apc sf props with the correct one fliped. All I get from the reverse dir motors is downward push( upward air thrust). If i flip those props i get slightly less push but in the wrong dir still. Are the reverse motor props the wrong ones? I keep seeing that tho in effecient it should work with flipped regular props.If I do need reverse motor props where can i get them? im in CA, usa. Thank you once agian!!

If you grab a prop and flip it over, you'll see that it does not reverse the direction of airflow.  In fact, the APC props are asymmetric so will not operate as well upside down.

You need two "Pusher" props with the blades angled in the other direction. The APC part number for these has a "P" at the end - e.g. for 11x4.7, LP11047SFP.

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