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Justin replied to Etienne's discussion APM 2.5 Voltage Sensing
"According to http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/Voltage you'll need to use the voltage and current sensor https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9028 ... Well at least for APM 2.0, it doesn't have any information on APM 2.5 which I've recently…"
Sep 28, 2012
Justin posted a discussion
Hi guys, I know the Pro 900 XSC has about 4x the range of the Pro 900, but that it's data rate is only 9.6kbps.Is this enough for full duplex telemetry and on the fly route updates from the mission planner or am I better off going for the Pro…
Jul 20, 2012
Justin posted a discussion
So I was comparing the built in GPS Vs the recommended https://store.diydrones.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BR-3DRLE... being fluent in GPS terminology I'm not too sure what makes it better than the built in one.-Built in is 10hz vs…
Jul 16, 2012
Justin posted a discussion
I'm just getting into the UAV and Multicopter platforms for a change from other platforms and I've picked a fairly straight forward Quadcopter frame.  Then in a photo link to a news story I saw the link below and clicked on it and thought the design…
Feb 23, 2012
Justin posted a discussion
Hi,Relatively new to UAV's and planning on getting the new APM2 and a Telemetry kit.  I was also contemplating the sonar modules for collision avoidance and auto landing/takeoff and have 2 questions:1.  How many sonar units do you need?  Is it 1 for…
Feb 13, 2012
Justin posted a discussion
So looks like I'll be starting my Quadcopter project earlier than I expected :) YAYI'm planning on getting the new APM2 board and possibly this frame (With looks like that how could you turn it down???)…
Feb 3, 2012
Justin posted a discussion
Hi,Just wondering if the Xbee modules have their frequency set by the user or if it's random or a FH algorithm or similar it uses as the module on the website states:ISM 900 MHz operating frequency (902MHz ~ 928MHz)However in Australia we're only…
Feb 2, 2012
Justin posted a discussion
Just want to know your opinions of motor/blade choice, more specifically:-Do you prefer a smaller blade & motor with higher RPM or a larger blade & motor with lower RPM?  Why?-Do you prefer 2, 3 or 4 blade props?  Have you tried them both/all? …
May 17, 2011
Justin posted a discussion
I was thinking of trying (And I haven't seen anyone who's tried) 4 EDFs in a foam cutout but can't find any CCW EDF impellers/blades.  Does such a thing even exist?  I thought it would of as EDF jets with twin motors would have to be counter…
May 16, 2011
Justin replied to Justin's discussion Motor/prop size calculations
"Also what are your opinions on:2 blade vs 3 blade vs 4 blade props?"
Apr 28, 2011
Justin replied to Alexander Casassovici's discussion Stylish quadcopter frame design
"That's sexy (For a machine).  It'd be awesome to find somewhere that can turn that into reality...I'd buy one if it didn't turn out super expensive!!!!"
Apr 28, 2011
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Apr 25, 2011