• Awesome design, would love to follow your project as it progresses, have you thought about putting it on this website ?

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  • I made it and it flies:

    Mine doesnt look as good as the design though.

    Looking for someone who can 3D cut foam next?

  • @ Jim Powell – what does your printed part weigh ? Assuming that it has quite a thin section,  I’d be interested to hear whether you think that it is going to have sufficient strength to be really useful .  The Dimension 1200es 3D printer I have used doesn’t produce sufficiently strong thin sections to work well with this design. I’d also have concerns about vibration issues with independent hoops.

    I was pursuing a similar printed design but on cost grounds alone I went for a thin ply construction :  


  • has anyone taken this project any further? this design is by far one of the coolest ive seen in a while! just looking for a usable 3d printer. 

  • there's a link to the 3d files let me know how that turns out !

  • Nice frame :) great design ! If this went to the market, I would probablly get one

  • That's sexy (For a machine).  It'd be awesome to find somewhere that can turn that into reality...I'd buy one if it didn't turn out super expensive!!!!

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    Alex, have you pursued a prototype of this slick quad?
  • Wow... its coooooool dude. Really good. I don't how much time would you guys spend on this but this simple, pretty and neat. Added some designs or patterns will make it pretty stunning and a landing gear would be better for some ground clearance. I would like to have one of this or want to make one.
  • - Connect adjacent shrouds to each other, to improve structural rigidity
    - Be aware that the blades may flap or bend in flight. Ensure you have enough clearance for this
    - Its not clear how many supports you have connecting the arms to each shroud. You should use a odd number to prevent undesirable resonances
    - The overhead mounting is better from an aerodynamic perspective, since the stream tube contracts as it travels through the prop.
    - Consider landing gear to keep the props further from the ground during landing/takeoff.

    - Roy
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