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  • very cool. yeah, I've found that the secret to Crissy field is to go early in the morning around dawn.  This happened to be a weird, VERY calm afternoon.  Those days don't happen that often :)

  • Wiki Ninja

    Nice! I always assumed Crissy would be too windy, but it looks like you caught it during a perfect calm morning.

    I've been flying at the huge open fields at Candlestick over the water.

  • Using Final Cut Pro X for the editing and then rendering out in Compressor.  Just picked the HD 720p settings preset from Compressor and then up to Vimeo.

  • Nice video.

    How is your video rendered?

    Which software and what settings?


  • I lived in San Fran from 06 to 09, you're making me want to go back again. Great vid

  • here's the setup for the video so far.  thanks for the great comments!

    VC-450 frame (
    OpenPilot CopterControl (
    Keda 20-28M motors, HK 20A ESCs
    1.3ghz 200mw TX/RX (
    Cloverleaf/SPW antennas
    Fatshark goggles 
    RMRC-480 FPV Camera (
    GoPro HD set to R3

  • @LemaLife; Great video! What FPV and radio setup are you using?

  • Yeah, it doesn't show up in the preview, when you embed from vimeo.

    SF is beautiful.  You know I've been in hightech for 20+ years, and never found my way to California.  One of these days.

  • Developer

    Wonderful stuff!


  • thanks for fixing the embed.  i embedded but the preview showed nothing :)  still a newb :P

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