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I have been flying R/C for 8 years. I like turtles! Meep..

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Search and Rescue / Aerial Surveillance.


Cape Canaveral

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Harry Tuttle replied to Thomas Stanley-Jones's discussion Sync Images of Canon Cameras in Terrain/Surface Mapping
"The only suggestion I can give is to verify all your settings match exactly IE ISO, aperture etc. Second is that your SD cards also must be rated the same speed. Like Warren said you must have your camera in complete manual mode. Off the top of my…"
Apr 4, 2016
Harry Tuttle replied to Dale Greer's discussion Is it really possible to map accurately with a multicopter without GCPs? What about camera attitude uncertainty? in Terrain/Surface Mapping
"For precision surveying you will need a GCP. It is what gives exact distances from a know landmark to your unit. Most surveying crews use a RTK unit for the highest level of accuracy.  If you're using an RTK and have accurate GCP's then you will…"
Aug 30, 2015
Harry Tuttle replied to Brian S's discussion X8 parts needed in X8
"I have the winglets from my broken X8 that you can have. Send me a email with you addy and ill send them off to you."
Jun 7, 2014
Harry Tuttle commented on Chris Anderson's blog post "$40,000-$60,000"?
"The price also comes from the requirements set by the government. First is mil spec, than so many years of training to the users, plus all the required insurances the company has to have to even put there name up for bid. Than of course the profit.…"
Oct 28, 2012
Harry Tuttle commented on Richard's photo
"Here is a plane you can buy very similar to this one.
Oct 16, 2012
Harry Tuttle replied to Harry Tuttle's discussion New Paint Job in X8
Oct 14, 2012
Harry Tuttle posted discussions in X8
Oct 13, 2012
Harry Tuttle commented on Chris Anderson's blog post My new book, "Makers" (including lots on DIY Drones and 3D Robotics), is out today!
"Just read the first two chapters. It is really good so far. Congrats! "
Oct 2, 2012
Harry Tuttle replied to Ervine Lin's discussion Anyone been able to stabalise a Canon S100 before?
"Have you heard of the Canon CHDK Mod? With the mod you can adjust ISO, shutter speed, and much more. It also has a intervolometer so you can have the camera take a pic every 2 seconds.Here is the link to that web…"
Sep 18, 2012
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Sep 18, 2012
Harry Tuttle left a comment for Harry Tuttle
"The form didn't answer the question I had. It was just saying we will be coming out with this pre-covered x8. I am looking to cover it myself. "
Apr 22, 2012
Harry Tuttle left a comment for Ace
"I am interested in covering my X8 as you did with the vinyl covering. I have seen the 3m and some other company's that sell carbon fiber vinyl and was wondering where you purchased yours and how difficult it was to cover? Thanks "
Apr 21, 2012
Harry Tuttle commented on LemaLife's blog post San Francisco's Crissy Field
"I lived in San Fran from 06 to 09, you're making me want to go back again. Great vid"
Apr 13, 2012
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Apr 7, 2012
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Mar 16, 2012
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Mar 15, 2012