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  • Hi Tommy, thank you very much. I haven't had a chance to open the zip file yet but it downloaded perfectly.

    Thanks again,


  • Hi

    You can download the stl files from :


    UAV Deliverables.zip
    Shared with Dropbox
  • This will be long term project. I hope to have the first assembly complete and flying in May 2017. 

    Once I have everything where I'm happy I'll produce a couple for further testing.

    This isn't a commercial exercise but if anyone wants one I'll be happy to offer them. Anyone that helps through the design process will be at the top of the list.

    Thanks again everyone. 

  • Thanks Roger, I'll have a look. I'm really interested in a blended wing for this project. I picked the x8 as a test run as its well known and people have plenty of hours flying experience with that wing. Meaning I can get a lot of feed back on the short comings, effectively helping me to learn.

    Thanks for your input. 

  • Cheers for the advice Ronald. I'll have a look at the foil and run some simulations and tweak it accordingly.

    Had a quick look at Alta Devices. They look very nice, I'll have a chat to Rich Kapusta when I'm in the final stages of the design.

    Thanks again.

  • Check with Rich Kapusta of Alta Devices for their latest gallium arsenide solar sheets. They are extremely thin, flexible, and efficient. You should get about 20% conversion of available solar power so size appropriately for the power you need at cruise.

  • I would not recommend at X-8 design for carbon or fiberglass composite. The X-8 design is based, in part, on the limitations of EPO foam, so the airfoil is rather poor. Fiberglass might be a better choice than carbon for an X-8 size aircraft.  In that size, we often 3d print using an EOS SLS printer with a mix of nylon beads and glass filaments.

  • @Brandon: thanks for the suggestion. I think Tommy might have the models in CAD.


  • @Tommy: Hi That would be very cool. As I mentioned I plan to modify the design to take my payload.

    Once I have the design where I want it I will CNC the patterns from Epoxy tooling block. The mould tools will be laminated from carbon in an autoclave.

    The final components will be a carbon epoxy matrix autoclaved processed.

    As I mentioned I am planning to have photovoltaic cells laminated into the upper surfaces to extend the flying time. I'm not exactly sure how much energy this will generate at this time I will know more when I get the model and can calculate the surface area. 

    Cheers Tommy.

  • If you're open to other models, you can try this:

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Skywalker X8 Launcher Plans

I recently built an X8 launcher and thought that I would share the plans. The legs are removable, but at the moment, not adjustable. The trigger isn't anything special and I hope to modify it eventually. It currently is made up of a door hinge with springs welded between it and an extension on the top. The launcher that I built is rather heavy given that it is made out of iron, but the design it is based off of is made out of aluminum. Here is the link to the bungee that I…

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X8-M with gimbal loadout?

I am considering getting to the X8-M for the 2D mapping and the option for 3D point clouds. The frames appear to be the same as the X8+. Is it possible to change out the mapping camera with the Tarot 2D Gimbal Kit as an optional accessory?ThanksJason

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Problem in pitch shaking

Hello,everybody here,there is a problem in my flying wing plane x8:http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/probl ... e=activity The plane takes off by the launcher.I have finished the auto tune of the PID.After the taking off in auto mode ,the shake in the pitch shows as follow.Can anybody help analyze the reason.Thanks!

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