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Dallas, TX

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Dale Greer commented on Graham Dyer's blog post 450 Wh/kg SolidEnergy batteries, the lightest rechargeable cell in the world?
"The Hermes spec sheet says they are 10C.
Each cell is 3.4 Ah at 3.8 V. So, if I make an 11.4 V battery out of three cells, will that still be 3.4 Ah, or is it 10.2 Ah?"
Feb 1, 2018
Dale Greer commented on Aero Hawk's blog post A Drone by Aero-hawk so cleverly named the Field Hawk
"Sounds like an Iris+. Flies 12-25 minutes?"
Nov 9, 2017
Dale Greer replied to Akintunde M. Lawal's discussion New Sectional Nozzle Propeller Invention
"What's the advantage of this new design? "
Oct 22, 2017
Dale Greer replied to Duffy's discussion Just another 5 hour endurance full electric VTOL
"Oh, ha! I thought that sounded too low! £19-24K sounds more reasonable. I'll get in touch.
Duffy said:
Hi Dale,

 The platform is not available for purchase right now, here is the latest video with take off and transitions…"
Oct 10, 2017
Dale Greer replied to Duffy's discussion Just another 5 hour endurance full electric VTOL
"What's the status of this? It's hard to tell from your website. Is it $500? What exactly do you get for that? 
The webpage throws out "ISR, Mapping, LIDAR, Multispectral" and even "transponder". Are these available options or just suggestions? What…"
Oct 9, 2017
Dale Greer posted a blog post
You may have seen reports about SolidEnergy's batteries that use a new type of Li-metal anode which enables a doubling of the energy density of lithium batteries. I looked into it some more and found their first market is going to be drone…
Aug 24, 2016
Dale Greer replied to Charles Linquist's discussion Intentionally shutting off motors in mid-flight then recovery
"I set up one of my radio spring switches for that, it can be useful for more than just descending quickly. I was practicing maneuvering around trees, and getting very close to them, and of course my blades started getting into the leaves and then…"
Apr 22, 2016
Dale Greer commented on elad orbach's blog post Festo FreeMotionHandling
""I am not a number!""
Apr 12, 2016
Dale Greer commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Design files for IRIS+ now open source
"What's a good source of threaded insert for the standard Iris+ machine screws? I mean, it's one thing to be able to print the arms, but you still have to be able to screw everything together."
Mar 15, 2016
Dale Greer replied to Justin H.'s discussion FAA N Number, Notary clarification in IRIS
"What if I found it on Craig's List and paid cash. I have the original receipt from Fry's, but how do I prove it's mine?"
Feb 6, 2016
Dale Greer commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post Fuel cell could let drones fly for hours without recharging
"Here's a consumer fuel cell called UPP. It uses hydrogen, and you can replace your spent fuel cell at places in the UK. It's only 5V though, delivering 25 wh, and weighs 620g. A 3DR Iris+ 5100 battery delivers around 55 wh and weighs 320g. Sure wish…"
Jan 16, 2016
Dale Greer replied to Dale Greer's discussion Is 3DR ever going to sell the Solo platform separate from the carriage? in 3DR SOLO
"Cool! Thanks for the reply, that's exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for.
Now, is "we will release in 2015" a typo? Because there's not a whole lot of 2015 left."
Dec 17, 2015
Dale Greer posted a discussion in 3DR SOLO
I mean, I'd like to buy just the guts, and put them into my own airframe. Seems like this would be a good way to compete with DJI - you could get a lot more 3DR platforms out there that way, on airframes of all shapes and sizes, and let your…
Dec 15, 2015
Dale Greer replied to Dale Greer's discussion Is it possible to get an FAA 333 Exemption for a self-built UAV? in UAVSA
"True, but why would they approve my device sight unseen? Maybe the best thing is to do the initial application for already approved UAVs like you said (one of which I already own) and then apply with an amendment for anything I build. That way it…"
Dec 14, 2015
Dale Greer posted a discussion in UAVSA
I'm working on my FAA 333 exemption request, and I'm thinking about the part where it typically says something like:We are petitioning for exemption to enable AUAV to operate a series of UAS platforms that have been previously approved by exemption,…
Dec 13, 2015
Dale Greer replied to Dale Greer's discussion Would a Pixhawk be able to run a tilted rotor hexacopter, like CyPhy LVL 1? in PIXHAWK
"That's pretty cool, thanks! But now I'm not so sure about the advantages. Seems like you still need separate camera stabilization if it's windy."
Oct 20, 2015