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A RC enthusiast, now enjoying FPV (for the fun of flying) and UAV (for aerial footages, which you can see at www.youtube.com/lflotito).

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I currently use them for fun, but I can't ignore their future business potential.


Rio de Janeiro

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LFLoTiTo commented on Patrick Duffy's blog post Chinese drone maker Ehang Inc. Unveiled World's first drone capable of carrying a human passenger.
"Really cool but... does it make sense to use a multi rotor config at this size (vs single rotor / heli)?
I am not even referring to efficiency, where a single rotor is obviously superior.
Their main argument is safety, but is it really safer? While…"
Jan 6, 2016
LFLoTiTo commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New Parrot drone -- a plane!
"Rob, totally agree on sony action cams being way better than gopros. I also don't understand why people keep ignoring them. But a BIG draw back for drones was the lack of analog out video, which you said they have? My AS15 did not have. Have they…"
Jan 6, 2016
LFLoTiTo posted a blog post
Every now and then we see some horrible pictures of people seriously injured after a sudden startup of motors during setup. Yeah, we all know that we should remove the props while setting up, but letś be honest: after the 10th time on the same night…
Apr 16, 2013
LFLoTiTo posted a blog post
 Hold your fire! it did not fly over them. ;-) This weekend we had the XVI International half marathon of Rio with a beautifull day, gorgeous location and 20.000 runners. As I am not into running, I thought it would be a great opportunity to…
Aug 20, 2012
LFLoTiTo commented on Norman Sanchez's blog post Complete Guide to lipo batteries
"Kur, 12.8v is a very small overcharge vs the recommended 12.6v on 3s, and should not cause fire if exceptionally. If it has been one week, it is probably back to 12.6v or lower already. What is really concerning is using a charger that needs your…"
Aug 14, 2012
LFLoTiTo commented on LFLoTiTo's blog post FPV Blessing in Rio
"F11Music, no APM in it (yet). I am using Eagle Tree OSD Pro.
Manu, Thanks. Music is "Eight Partsongs, Opus 119, No 3: The Blue Bird". Regarding the hand catch, this plane is a slow, easy lander, specially with flaps at 90 degrees. If the approach is…"
May 22, 2012
LFLoTiTo commented on LFLoTiTo's blog post FPV Blessing in Rio
"Thanks for all the nice comments!
Brandin, UAV Porn!? I couldn't describe it any better. :-)
F11music, amazing... Where exactely are you flying from? I get 40min with a 3s5000.
May 18, 2012
LFLoTiTo posted a blog post
 I don't usually post my FPV videos here, but I think this one is special and worth sharing. I think I've been dreaming about flying around Cristo Redentor since I started FPV. Based on the comments I got, I was not the only one... But I began to…
May 18, 2012
LFLoTiTo commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Insitu's latest looks like a DIY Drone, costs $50,000
"It's really cool that the small heli resembles the big helis UAVs. However, I can't think of any reason to use a heli instead of a multicopter for this size/application. Any insights?"
Aug 9, 2011
LFLoTiTo commented on Shannon Morrisey's blog post Tilt-Wing Stall Landing Technique Inspired by Birds
"I just found the answer to my own question, but I still see these techniques correlated:
In a deep stall approach, the goal is to stall the aircraft such that it descends at high angle of attack with wings and fuselage approximately horizontal. In a…"
Oct 13, 2010
LFLoTiTo commented on Shannon Morrisey's blog post Tilt-Wing Stall Landing Technique Inspired by Birds
"I don't mean to diminish the merit of this techinque (it is outstanding), but isn't it a refinement of the "deep stall landing" already used by some UAVs?"
Oct 13, 2010