Ever seen 20.000 people waving at a quad?


Hold your fire! it did not fly over them. ;-)


This weekend we had the XVI International half marathon of Rio with a beautifull day, gorgeous location and 20.000 runners. As I am not into running, I thought it would be a great opportunity to experiment the potential of covering a big event from the privileged birds eye view of a multicopter and it surpassed my expectations!


On top of the nice images, I was really surprised to see the positive crowd reaction and interaction with the quad. They did not feel concerned or threathened by it - after all, it is smal, quiet and never flew above their heads. Instead, they were really excited as if they were playing with it and saluting it. I could even get the audio from their cheers over the noise of the props wash!


I am flying a XA x650 frame / Naza FC+GPS / Jdrones gimbal / Gopro. No post stabilization on this cut! Amazing what a $50 gimbal can do, despite some wind. Got to be really gentle on the sticks though. Gabriel2584 is flying a F450/Naza/Gopro/self-made gimbal. He had some servo jittering problem that required post stabilization.


Let me know your thoughts!


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  • Very kewl.  I'm also a fan of some of your other FPV videos, such as the one flying past Cristo Redentor.  http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/fpv-blessing-in-rio

  • That's really cool. I love  how you 'waved' and they waved back. I think for my next hexa I will put a smiley face or goggly-eyes on it or something to encourage friendly reactions.

    Also - a lot of us here on this site may be in a position to get unique footage of current events like this. Can anyone tell me what happens then - i.e how would you go about getting the video syndicated into news television and get some $$ for it's use?

  • Nice one :) really smooth flying and very good image stabilization ! Abraços e Parabens !

  • awesome!!! I love it!!

  • wow, very nice, but all I was thinking was, please don't fly over them...lol, beautiful shots...good job

  • That's awesome! I like how the quad waved back at them :) Too bad you couldn't follow any of the runners during the race. Maybe next year!

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