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Andrew Radford replied to Nicholas Pilkington's discussion Tlog file format?
"Go to the Mavlink homepage  - there is a reference implementation written in Python already."
Apr 28, 2013
Andrew Radford replied to Jared Reabow's discussion Archaic log system Overhaul
"I've been working sporadically on something similar, to test the .Net port of the Mavlink generator code"
Apr 10, 2013
Andrew Radford replied to Brian's discussion Motors for 300g 25cm quad
"I ran a 250g quad with Hextronik 10g motors (1811 I think?)
Now I have a Hex with the same motors ~380g
Both have 5x3 3 blade props.

These motors are quite cheap, there may be better ones out there."
Apr 8, 2013
Andrew Radford replied to luis gonzalez's discussion quad keeps flying to one side
"* Yes replace the bent motor shaft for sure.
* Balance all props, do not use any props which have nicks or dings from crashes. Reject any props which do not track straight.
* Check your center of gravity
If it still leans when all of the above seems…"
Apr 7, 2013
Andrew Radford commented on Arthur Benemann's blog post [Update] DroidPlanner v0.5.0 - Now with USB support
"Is there any recommendation for a android tablet which has USB? I see lots of android tabs coming from the east very cheap now, is there a minimum OS version, memory, etc? 
I'd probably not use it for anything other than a GCS."
Apr 1, 2013
Andrew Radford commented on George Pokachalov's blog post Crash
"+10 points to Jason - if you are getting into this hobby and are stocking up with tools and such, get yourself a tube of solder flux, and some tin/lead solder. 'Lead Free' solder is NOT better for the hobbyist, it's what most shops sell however. "
Feb 18, 2013
Andrew Radford replied to joel moerkerk's discussion new ard-user with Crius AIOP needs help
"I don't think the Crius AIOP can accept firmware form Mission planner, those images are for the APM. 
I think you use ArduplaneNG compiled and uploaded via Arduino "
Feb 4, 2013
Andrew Radford commented on UnmannedTechShop.co.uk's blog post Stackup Plates for Mounting Stuff
"Interesting - I bought something similar from ebay but it is really thick glass fiber - 3mm I think so very heavy, These would be perfect for mounting minimOSD, telemetry etc if they had holes/slots for zip ties to go through"
Jan 31, 2013
Andrew Radford replied to Jake Simon's discussion TLog to Friendlier Format
"Doesn't the planner do graphs already anyway?"
Jan 28, 2013
Andrew Radford commented on Jonathan Price's blog post HobbyKing Selling ArduPilot Parts
"As much as I find distastful this Carbon-Copy cloning of open source hardware, I wish I saw more evidence of what we all hoped would come from open source hardware - people developing furrther the hardware design. Say for example someone making an…"
Jan 28, 2013
Andrew Radford replied to Ryan Rasmussen's discussion Does anybody know what MAVLINK_NEED_BYTE_SWAP is in MAVlink?
"Possibly this is to cater for the difference in byte endianess between Mavlink v1.x and v0.9?"
Jan 27, 2013
Andrew Radford replied to Ryan Rasmussen's discussion Could somebody verify if my mavlink request is correct?
"Is your array packing right? Looks like you are trying to pack a 12 byte payload + 1 byte start marker + 2 bytes crc into 14 bytes?

Watever it is, one approach would be to capture a live heartbeat from an APM, then set your hardcodes to be the same…"
Jan 27, 2013
Andrew Radford replied to Boston UAV's discussion Thou shall not use WPF controls?
"Mono compatibility."
Jan 26, 2013
Andrew Radford replied to marcelo's discussion Simple waypoint mission went wrong!!! planned alt=80 he did 480mts!!!
"Perhaps post any available logs you have"
Jan 25, 2013
Andrew Radford replied to Francis Ignacio's discussion NEW MinimOSD never worked completely
"This OSD (due to the Maxim chip that it uses) is quite picky about the number of video lines it is receiving. 'Better' cameras with a higher resolution tend to have more issues than poorer cameras.
As part of the debugging effort, try switching out…"
Jan 24, 2013
Andrew Radford replied to Will Snodgrass's discussion MS Surface RT
"I've heard that the USB -> serial support in the official RT API is weak to none. Perhaps it is possible with a jailbroken app, sounds hard.

We need someone to come up with a bulletproof and cheap 3DR -> Wifi Access point. Then you could use a…"
Jan 23, 2013