Stackup Plates for Mounting Stuff


If you are looking for a nice way to mount all of your gear onto your multi rotor frame, you should have a look at our new stack up plates.  On the product listing you can choose what components you need so that you can create your own stackup.

7224921_orig.jpg?width=200If you are using AIOP or Multiwii boards with the same 5cm x 5cm footprint then you can also mount the included PDB on the stackup as shown.
You can also use some Vibration Dampers on the stackup for the flight controller.

4588888_orig.jpg?width=200If you are using an ArduPilot Mega 2.5+ board, then you can mount it as shown, you will also need to use some double sided tape to secure the board down.  This is a good idea because it also reduces the vibrations on the board so it will perform better.

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  • Developer

    Hmm why always Carbon? Don't people really know that you should not use carbon. Carbon is bad when you have a lot of radiosignals, electricity etc as it blocks RF signals and also can transfer electricity so if you have even minor leak on cabling in worst case you will burn all your electronics. That's why on jDrones and 3DR ArduCopters use normal FR4 or G10 fiberflass as they don't create problems.

  • Doh. Out of stock. :-(

  • Interesting - I bought something similar from ebay but it is really thick glass fiber - 3mm I think so very heavy, These would be perfect for mounting minimOSD, telemetry etc if they had holes/slots for zip ties to go through

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