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I am trying to get graph how my quad uses power as it flies for a research project. I am running the APM 2.5 on a DJI F450 with the 3DR power module hooked up.


I found that the voltage/current information is stored in the .tlog format. I used the Mission Planner utility to take the .tlog into .txt, but I can't figure out how to get Excel to look at it to create a graph with voltage vs time.


So, I decided to write a C++ program to take the text file and turn it into another text file that is more excel friendly. So far, the program is slow and I have only been searching for one value.


Any ideas?




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  • Doesn't the planner do graphs already anyway?

  • I have been plotting altitude and voltage the past week using excel. It takes me 20 to 25 minutes to process tlog exported as csv. If you have a faster way, I would love to know your solution and perhaps share the code (especially if its a macro within excel to cut on processing time). Anyways, open csv in excel, format resulting data based on column Q (that's where voltage_battery is located). I then remove all rows that do not have the voltage_battery information. Removed also all columns except those with the time and columns Q & R. Re-sort the cleaned data using time column. The result is data waiting for your plotting methodology.


  • Does anyone know what the current in the .tlog is in? mA?



  • Use python with matplotlib :)  Should not be more than 30 lines of code...

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