FPV Blessing in Rio


I don't usually post my FPV videos here, but I think this one is special and worth sharing.


I think I've been dreaming about flying around Cristo Redentor since I started FPV. Based on the comments I got, I was not the only one... But I began to plan it seriously when I moved back to Rio a few months ago.

The plan and wait was worth it: this was one of the most exciting flights I have ever done! The weather was great and I was lucky enough to find the right amount of clouds to make it more mystic without compromising the light.

About air traffic:
- I was authorized to take off by the helipad operator, after confirming by radio that no other aircraft was in the area. 

- The flight was very early in the morning, before air traffic begins. So the absence of aircrafts in the area was not by chance.

- I flew within 500 feet of the ground/mountain at all times, where manned helis and airplanes are not allowed to get;


The airplane is an electric foam Skywalker with GoPro Hero Camera, Eagle Tree OSD Pro with Artificial Horizon Indicator and emergency Return to Launch, Futaba PCM RC on 72Mhz, video link on 1.280Mhz and Fatshark video Goggles. I had over 200 successfull flights with this gear, before daring to go there.



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  • Wow! You are 200 flights ahead of me :)
  • Developer

    Luiz, it's an awesome FPV video!!! Thumbs up by the entire safe planning and the perfect flight. ;)

  • F11Music, no APM in it (yet). I am using Eagle Tree OSD Pro.

    Manu, Thanks. Music is "Eight Partsongs, Opus 119, No 3: The Blue Bird". Regarding the hand catch, this plane is a slow, easy lander, specially with flaps at 90 degrees. If the approach is not perfect, I just do another pass until she comes straight to me, so I (almost) never hit anyone. ;-)


  • Muito obrigado Luiz! Rio to perfection.

  • Very cool. Makes me want to get FPV even more now (I need an excuse?)

    Like the way you had the wing in-shot. Gave it a bit of perspective. 

  • great video and editing, great mix of plane sound and music, would love to know what is this superb music actually. I have been looking at few of your videos so far, nice area you live in, quite amazed by the skills it requires to chase a jetski, even more by how you can catch the beast on super crowded landing area, wondering how long it takes to be 100%sure not to miss!!

    Well done sir!

  • Wow, all i can say is wow.. it is awesome, and i hope to be as good as this one day, and the music made it even more beutiful.. well done :-)

  • I'm flying on the barra side of pico do papagaio. Amazing place to fly. Come join my sometime. PM in me for directions. Are you using APM in it? I like the 4S to give me a little safety margin in case I need to punch it :)

    Loved that catch at the end. I land in the grass but you give me something to try now! My skywalker has seen one too many crashes because it was also my FPV training plane so now I will move to a zephyr II so I can had a gopro with the fpv cam also.

  • Absolutely brilliant! Indeed a perfect day. 

  • Fantastic Luiz ! I love this. Very well done.
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