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  • Rob Lefebvre...I have a Sony AS100V with the "multi" cable (uses the micro USB port) and I like it. The "Action Cam Movie Creator software is easier to use than GoPro's (crashes less too) and I can overlay the GPS flight path with speed and altitude etc. on the saved video clip.  Its indeed a nicer deal than a GoPro... I've used it on my Iris and will try it out on my Solo this Friday. Since GoPro established the market, they are in the drivers seat. Either camera produces nice video and stills. Either camera needs to be refocused for UAV use tho...lots of YouTube how to's out there on how to do this. Sony & GoPro set the focus distance to about 8 feet....we need to start at 20' to infinity.

  • Agree with Hugues...this one has great potential...but I doubt Parrot will sell 250k like they did the ARDrone

  • Rob, totally agree on sony action cams being way better than gopros. I also don't understand why people keep ignoring them. But a BIG draw back for drones was the lack of analog out video, which you said they have? My AS15 did not have. Have they implemented it on any new model?

    Victor, the stabilization of sony sports cam is amazing. I have used an AS15 on a Skywalker and the stabilization is perfect on a calm day (smooth piloting) and usable on a windy day..

  • Rob, have always wondered how capable the sony stabilisation is - I may well have to look a bit closer at Sony.
  • System price?
    Durability tests? (that stop me bying Ar.drone new versions, thnking how brittle old were, and how expensive...)
    Spare parts price and availability?
    Remote control and FPV range?
    Possibility for custom/research software/controls/hacking?
    Otherwise seems like Team Black Sheep for the masses, or at least what probably marketting depatment has in mind.
    Invent, not copy...
  • +1.  there exist many good and better action cameras than go pro, but this guys have exellent marketing :O

  • Victor, expand your horizons beyond GoPro.

    Sony has been offering action cameras with a great EIS system, and really nice form-factor for a while now.  They even do native analog out, or streaming directly to the web through a wifi connection...

    Really cool stuff, but nobody knows they exist.

  • If it is a bebop in a plane, then would you expect to have 3 times the endurance of a bebop?  More?  What would the range of the radios be?  This would be one of the main reasons for the leisure market to want one, a long flight time.

  • the marketing target could well be me if the price is reasonable - if they are using their camera stabilisation system as per the bebop - then they will have NO competitors as I understand it. Which is why GoPro and all the other flight cam manufacturers I can think of are truly sitting mired in yesterdays tech when it comes to video stabilisation from winged aircraft systems. Brushless stabilisation makes no sense on these systems - it weighs too much, is affected by higher airspeeds, and adds additional unneeded bulk. So fair play to Parrot - all they need to do is get the resolution and qual of the video up. But the overexpensive GoPro systems have a long walk now to catch up - for they have ignored form factor and stabilisation and that is where the future of the action camera is. I'll go one further - Parrot should be developing a stand alone action camera specifically for the drone market....
  • @Serge, "no need to pilot" is not going to go well for airplanes needing a glideslope to land.  I can imagine quite a few getting sent up, in areas where there's nowhere to land.  Again, it's bad enough for hovering machines with people thinking they can fly from alleyways and balconies with GPS interference, etc. 

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