I'm going crazy about watching people's quadcopter videos and failing to build my own with most expensive devices and breaking and re-purchasing everything!

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Motors: Dualsky Xmotor 3542CA-6 450W 940Kv       (4x same motors)
Propeller: 12x4.5 (4x puller and pusher set)
Flight controller: ArduPilotMega 1.4 (with 2560 processor)
IMU oilpan shield included (attached to APM)

APM software version: Latest (updated yesterday)
In Mission Planner, RC calibrated. (moved stickers to max of each side)
Frame is +

ESCs calibrated using auto mode (all ESCs at once)
Frame: I created it myself, 2 types, wooden and from aluminum. Both is stable and had no diff for me.

Battery: 30C 3800mah 11.1V (2x, attached to my power board, both connected to power board as power input and I use them together, so infact it's like I'm having 7200mah)

Please advice. What's wrong? My battery is not enough for my motors?
I can't fly using these propellers?
I can't  fly using these motors?
I can't fly using this batteries?
I can't fly using APM?

Everything I saw in internet, I tried. None worked! Please help me, please!
My QuadCopter always flips over two legs and just crashes blades, simply! As soon as I start to spin motors, two motors are always or sometimes three motors rotates faster than others and therefore it tries to takeoff via two legs and simply it crashed to ground and breaks blades. It always rotates around itself, some motors spins faster and it always crashes and breaks.

Please advice
Please help

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Sounds too heavy to fly.

Batteries, APM, RC, etc. is exactly in center. If it's so heavy, it should not fly over two legs, isn't it?

Also 450W 940Kv, cannot fly just 2x 3800mah battery?

You aren't doing the basics:

Step 1 is to follow every step in the directions. (I say this because people swear, "I already did that")

Step 2 is to extensively test with the props off just the motors

While doing step 2, you'll find the quirks you either missed in step1 or procedures you must do before flight.

For example, when you plug in the battery, the copter assumes it's current position is what is level as well as the direction, so if physically, the copter is moved from that position or was level (like you plugged in the copter holding non-level, then walked a few feet and set it on the ground) the copter wants to go back to where it started!!! If 2 motors try to spin it's one of these errors. For example, if two motors across from each other (same direction props) obviously, the copter is trying to spin to correct it's rotation relative to the start point. If two motors beside each other spin, then it's trying to correct pitch in the opposite direction.


You can test all of this, props off in your hand at mid throttle and hear the different motors changing speeds. The faster motor is trying to lift up that corner so whatever corner is closest to the ground should have the fastest motor.

You also should have mission planner connected during prop off testing and validate the horizon follows the copters movements, then look at radio inputs and motor outputs on the raw data tab, radio.

Are you sure the motors are spinning the right direction?

It it want's to fly level in your hand when you give it half throttle, it will fly in real life.

What are your PIDs?

Motors and props are rotating in correct rotation. When I plug battery for first time, I don't move it, just I move throttle to start engines, when it moves to half throttle it flips over two legs. I don't do anything manual on motors.

Stabilize mode:

P: 4

I: 0


P: 0.1

I: 0

Entire quad weight should not reach 3kg. It's like 2kg etc. Tomorrow I can tell you exact weight.

When I move it to helf throttle it moves up via two legs and spins over two other legs.

P.S. I tried to fly over two modes ( I cannot set to mode 2,3,5 via RC, no idea why but only I can use mode 0 or mode 1 and mode 3 or mode 4) So I put one mode to auto other to manual, one to stabilize other to takeoff (mode 13, via configuration tab)) etc.


Please post a video. Verify that you are taking off in Stabilize. Also, Vernon has some good info, but you can certainly take off on an angle or move the quad to a surface that is not level and take off. AC does not record level unless it is commanded to.

I'll post some videos within 10-12hours.

It's just video of a quad, with wooden frame, 4 motors starts spinning, when I move throttle to more power, two legs of it goes over two other and quad simply flips on ground without a simple takeoff.

I had takeoffs like 3-4 times using non level ground, but after takeoff, quad moved to that side always until it crashed to something.

Did that, I can't feel a good change when I move frame to some sides on motors, sometimes other motors spins faster when I move it in my hand without propeller, but can't say with assurance.

I tried most of directions in manual 2-3 times.

I removed propellers and tried different tests, cannot find a good error.

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