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James Y. commented on Sandro Benigno's blog post Bullets in the sky?
"In many countries, discharging a firearm with intent to cause property damage is a serious offense, regardless of if it's annoying yoy , on your property or not. For that matter, I seriously doubt any judge is going to consider responding to said…"
Sep 21, 2012
James Y. replied to Lucas Tan's discussion IMPORTANT NEED HELP PLEASE!
"How did you arm the APM before plugging the power in?"
Sep 18, 2012
James Y. replied to James Y.'s discussion HT-FPV Build (and APM2 Adapter Board)
"Sorry for the tardy response, been tied up with other stuff. Yes, I have one left, sitting right here on my desk. I'll PM you :)"
Aug 27, 2012
James Y. replied to Rokas's discussion Unexpected (strange) crash
"Checking the battery unloaded isn't going to tell you a whole lot.  The fact that you've got a swollen cell is very, very suspicious.  It's entirely likely that cell's output voltage drops badly when you start pulling some current out of it."
Jul 22, 2012
James Y. replied to Haikal Pribadi's discussion Setting up ArduCopter 3DR Quad without Remote Controller
"Yep, that Tx is only $23 (!!!!) and it includes a Rx. They're a good deal for the money.

Keep in mind that depending on your country, it may actually be illegal to fly a RC aircraft without it being under you direct control. Direct control will…"
Jul 19, 2012
James Y. replied to James Y.'s discussion HT-FPV Build (and APM2 Adapter Board)
"The reason for the adapter is that the APM2 has a hole spacing that doesn't match any of the holes already built into the HT-FPV frame, and I didn't want to drill additional holes. You could double-sided tape the APM2 onto the frame, but I also…"
Jul 8, 2012
James Y. replied to James Roney's discussion Attopilot 180A
"I get a similar issue.  I definitely have current sensing working in the hardware (the AttoPilot current output pin varies in voltage as the current varies), but my current and load metrics always show as 0 in the Planner.

I'm using 1.1.96 with…"
Jul 6, 2012
James Y. posted a discussion
I got myself a HoverThings HT-FPV frame, and I made up an adapter board using Eagle for connecting the APM2 to the frame and also allowing me to only hook up one ESC to the APM2 without having to cut wires anywhere. I got the board manufactured by…
Jul 5, 2012
James Y. replied to Lloyd DeForrest's discussion Flight Modes: Can I configure a "SImple FPV" mode?
"Only catch I see there is that as soon as you hover, the wheels will fall off (metaphorically), since your direction of travel will change very rapidly as you balance the hover. Of course, you could rig up the mode to auto-disable when the forward…"
May 23, 2012
James Y. replied to James Y.'s discussion Seperate GPS / Magnetometer on APM2
"Wow, things fall off this board fast.  Any way to get more than 10 items on the front page?"
May 22, 2012
James Y. replied to Rick Eis's discussion Low Dropout Regulator 5V 1A
"Hold on a moment.

When you say the ESC produces 6 volts, are you measuring this open with a voltmeter?  The ESC regulation circuit may be a switching type, and you can't rely on the voltage output being sane on them when you're not drawing a load…"
May 22, 2012
James Y. posted a discussion
So, I've bought an APM2 with integrated GPS and Magnetometer, and I'm planning on putting it on a HoverThings HT-FPV frame.First up, is anyone using this combo? Have you encountered issues with the magnetometer skewing because of current draw from…
May 20, 2012
James Y. replied to ArjanM's discussion Antenna inside fuselage
"Pretty much anything acts as an RF shield to some extent, particularly when you're talking higher frequencies.  It shouldn't damp your range too much, but as always, range check it anyway."
May 9, 2012
James Y. replied to Sami Finnila's discussion APM 2 gyro (scaling?) issue || RESOLVED
"Is the issue here that the _earlier_ boards had an issue and not the later boards, but the code was written with the earlier ones in mind?  IE, newer boards don't actually have something wrong with them?  I'm asking this because my APM2 order is due…"
May 8, 2012
James Y. replied to Greg's discussion 3DR 915MHz Air Module Versions
"My air module is like the picture at the top - purple breakout board, daughterboard is rotated 90 degrees and soldered on using a pin header.

My ground module has a similar orientation to the bottom picture - green breakout board, daughterboard in…"
May 6, 2012
James Y. replied to GoProDude's discussion can 2 "Air Modules" link together?
"Only if their network IDs and other parameters are the same, as per;

May 5, 2012