Not being an accomplished RC pilot, I only fly in Simple mode.  My quad now has a camera.  Moving around in Simple mode and manually yaw'ing to point the camera is a pain. 

Is there a way that I can configure a "user definable flight mode" to create a mode that I call "Simple FPV"?  This mode is Simple mode, but with the front of the copter always pointing in the direction of flight.  I couldn't figure out how to do this reading the wiki for user definable flight modes.  

Or is this just too crazy to consider?

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  • Could you make a simple FPV mode that would almost be like driving a RC Car.   As you turn to the left the yaw turns with you so that you don't have to make that adjustment.  Us Altitude hold and basically would be driving it like a car.  Or it would almost be like flying a plane.  It would take a mixing of yaw and pitch together to make it do that.

  • Luke - you're right - I was thinking about how to best to point the camera (not FPV) while maneuvering around and thought in might be best to point in the direction of travel.  So yes, auto-yaw in the direction of momentum. 

    James – you have a good point about where to point at no speed and hover – I assume it would remain pointed in the last direction while moving and while in hover, wait for the pilot to yaw to the desired direction or to move the right stick in a direction to travel. 

    The point is, keep the simplicity of flying in Simple mode while providing a good vantage point for the camera.

    I assume this can’t be done with user definable flight modes – right? 

  • Only catch I see there is that as soon as you hover, the wheels will fall off (metaphorically), since your direction of travel will change very rapidly as you balance the hover. Of course, you could rig up the mode to auto-disable when the forward speed drops below a certain amount.
  • If you're truly flying FPV and not looking at both a screen and the craft line-of-sight at the same time, Mike's right; fly stabilize mode and then you're fully "driving" from the craft's perspective and left is always left, etc.

    But if you're flying LOS (and therefore using simple mode) but want to also record (or see realtime) what's in "front" of you through the camera, then this would be a neat added capability to simple mode. Just to have it auto-yaw to face the direction of momentum.

  • The stabilize mode is relative to the quad so that is the simple FPV mode. If you want constant altitude use altitude hold. I really don’t see that you need anything else.





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    You can do stabilize mode of course. You can do stabilize on one channel and Simple mode on another.

    You can assign Simple mode to CH7 so you can toggle it dynamically.

    You can fly super simple mode so you always re-orient yourself to home as your fly. You need a working GPS for this.


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