Bullets in the sky?


"Can U.S. Citizen Shot Domestic Spy Drones?"

I've just read this post here on DailyTech.

First of all calling it as "Domestic Spy Drones" sounds tendentiously like a bad approach. [Edited] A friend of mine(Otávio Moraes) said that the word "domestic" is referring to native drones. Though it could also be translated as "homemade" which is why I said it sounds to be tendentious and/or ambiguous. Probably, that's due to the fact of the english language not being my native one.[/Edited]

Anyway, thinking about ballistics I'm wondering how dangerous would be shooting against "the sky" upon urban areas. Much probably a slug could eventually cause a biggest damage by "hard landing" on someone's head. Don't you think?

I could be wrong but it would be a classic situation when a problem is treated by another even bigger. You kill the cockroaches with poison and so you have a plague of scorpions. Not bad...

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  • I do airsoft as well, so I'm very close with the gun crowd.  There is a huge amount of immaturity among gun owners, but you would really really have to try very hard to piss one off enough for them to start firing on your drone.  Yes, they are sometimes drunk and sometimes they are also a little insane (9/11 truthers, birthers, and conspiracy nuts), but you've always got the protection that you should not generally be where they are.

  • the odd trigger happy redneck in my area

    finally a sensible comment - he has got his own hobby you've got your own too - I don't think we're here to decide which one is better...

    I used to have a hobby that is pretty much illegal where I live but I was ok... just because I took special precautions not to annoy ppl and keep low profile... no one annoyed by what you're doing = no police

  • I also don't see this as much of a risk.  There is the odd trigger happy redneck in my area, but honestly .... I don't think I'm at any risk of being shot down anytime soon.  I can see a risk if I was flying in my backyard in a populated area, but I'm not going to do that.  I used to my 400 heli in my backyard, but I did check with the neighbors first and I never took it above head height.  In reality the only people that are really at risk of being shot down are the moron crowd who try to use drones to piss people off or invade peoples privacy.  This isn't us.         

  • theoretically speaking due to lack of legislation (yet) you can fly stuff over someone's private property but it's your problem once you lose radio link and it's gone... doesn't matter whether it got shot, jammed or whatever - in vast majority of cases you can't prove that it wasn't a malfunction

    You can, however, end up with a few bullet holes if you trespass to retrive you little plane - and that's legal. Also crashing a plane on someone's property isn't exactly legal in the first place - that's harmful electronics and can pose fire danger, it can damage property or injure people.Not to mention that flying a UAV around someone's house can be cosnidered stalking. So to wrpa it up -> You can't trespass, you can't prove it was shot down, you can't retrive it. We don't even have to theoretize whether or not you just got owned and you're lil extension was illegaly shot down - you've got some exlaining to do not the owner of the land (whether or not he really brought it down)

    So yeah kind of pointless to discuss shooting down drons if it's you getting sued/going to jail/not getting your plane back and eding up butthurt.

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    I think it is quite childish to talk about using firearms and weapons to shoot anything, especially an aircraft or any sort out of the sky.  And I have said my piece, and still seen little value to keeping this immature discussion going.

  • Hai, I'm not a lawyer, in any country, so I would not know.  I'm not endorsing anything here.  We are just discussing scenarios, in the virtual world.  What people do in the real world is between them, their governments, and their respective God and/or gods.

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    Ellison, Shooting drones out of the sky is not legal in any countru
  • I think it's useful to talk about situations that drones can be in which can result in them annoying people to the point so they would want to take any legal means to remove them from their airspace.  This can help the community build some guidelines as to how not to cause bad publicity and sentiment for our hobby.  It should not be about an arms race. 

  • and ppl used to own land long before first planes appeared let alone drones... See my point ? no law was created back in 1787 that specifically stated that air space above ones property is theirs because there were no drones back then

    When first planes appeared they were too expensive to be used by an average joe and there are regulations that state minimal altitude... now it's a completely different story so you can humbly accept that fact or continue to ekhm IDK compansate for uhmm god only knows what...

    How is this not in the best interest of this forum?? you're flying your stuff (stuff that's potentially an incediary... and annoying) over someones property - it's your job to make sure that's you're not a nuisance for them

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    Drone have been armed long before I suggested that if people are going to start shooting drones out of the sky then it might spark an arms race.

    Back my previous comment, talking about using firearms and weapons does not seem appropriate or in thr public intetest in this forum and I will start exercising some moderation very soon
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