Hi guys, i'm a trying to set up an arducopter, but I don't have the remote controller that comes with it. I'm planning to work on the autopilot. However, all the instructions i've found online involves the remote controller. Is there a way (is it even possible) to set up the device without having a remote controller? IF a remote controller is a must, is it possible to use a 4 channel RC ?

Sorry for this really silly question, i'm just a student, and really new to all this stuff..

Thanks a bunch, guys ...

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  • Very VERY silly to try this. So many times ive flicked into loiter and it goes crazy off course for a few seconds. You'll kill someone if not yourself!

  • Yep, that Tx is only $23 (!!!!) and it includes a Rx. They're a good deal for the money.

    Keep in mind that depending on your country, it may actually be illegal to fly a RC aircraft without it being under you direct control. Direct control will usually mean a Tx in your hands.

    Plus if damage is done, you'll have a hard time getting out of a reckless endangerment (or worse) charge if you didn't take reasonable steps to make sure you could get control back in an emergency.

    Just get the $23 Tx.
  • It is a cool idea in concept to have it only controlled by the PC, but its not safe. At least get a very cheap, non-computerized 6 channel like this:
  • As I said elsewhere, flying without RC is a bad idea.

    What do you do if your quad is badly set up, or your mission has a wrong waypoint and the quad heads towards trees, the far horizon ... or a group of people?  People have been killed and seriously injured by out-of-control RC helicopters.  If you have an RC, you can hopefully take manual control and save the situation.

    A 4-channel will get you started and allow flight in one Flight mode, but won't allow changing mode in-flight.  You really need a 6-channel unit if you want all the features.

  • anybody, please?

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