Bullets in the sky?


"Can U.S. Citizen Shot Domestic Spy Drones?"

I've just read this post here on DailyTech.

First of all calling it as "Domestic Spy Drones" sounds tendentiously like a bad approach. [Edited] A friend of mine(Otávio Moraes) said that the word "domestic" is referring to native drones. Though it could also be translated as "homemade" which is why I said it sounds to be tendentious and/or ambiguous. Probably, that's due to the fact of the english language not being my native one.[/Edited]

Anyway, thinking about ballistics I'm wondering how dangerous would be shooting against "the sky" upon urban areas. Much probably a slug could eventually cause a biggest damage by "hard landing" on someone's head. Don't you think?

I could be wrong but it would be a classic situation when a problem is treated by another even bigger. You kill the cockroaches with poison and so you have a plague of scorpions. Not bad...

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  • Is it really ? you said it's ok to arm planes because some ppl might get annoyed by YOU flying YOUR plane over THEIR property

    Well with that kind of attitude you can be sure you'll piss some ppl off... and because of ppl like you this hobby will soon be regulated...

    you're that guy who hears ->> this is why we can't have nice things :-D

  • Moderator

    Is there anything useful being contributed to this discussion?   Where is the community value of talking about people shooting down drones with weapons including firearms?  I think if we're going to not discuss arming drones, then the whole concept of discussing the use of firearms and weapons against drones is not in the public interest.

  • seriously no one will care about drones

    you can't really prove that it was shot down - in most cases you won't even know whether it was a lucky shot or just a technical malfunction

    moreover, guns are not a real problem - planes are too small and fast, it's difficult to predict distance (and thus adjust the sights) etc.... even stationary quadrocopters are fairly safe... I'd be more worried about jammers

  • In many countries, discharging a firearm with intent to cause property damage is a serious offense, regardless of if it's annoying yoy , on your property or not. For that matter, I seriously doubt any judge is going to consider responding to said annoyance using a firearm anything less than use of excessive force.

    In my opinion, just use a water hose.  Avoids law enforcement having to worry about firearms being involved. 

  • I think what will Anger people to the point they will attack drones is "Annoyance". I think  it will go from "Hey look there is a Drone ! That is pretty cool !" to That thing is a pain in the Butt I am going to take it out . Around here What peeves the neighborhood right now is Dirt bikes .and Snow mobiles  If the dirt bike or snow mobile goes by no problem  people hear it go by . 3 hours later they hear it go by the other way (the guy is coming back ) no problem . It is when they are just across the street or just up the road continuously going back and forth that people get Annoyed and complain. it will be the same with drones if they get to prolific  there will be "Drone Nappers "
    people out to bring drones down and sell the parts for scrap on E Bay!

  • Developer

    Thanks, Ellison! I was just going to talk that.

  • Before things get out of hand, I'd like to remind everyone that it is against site policy to discuss arming of drones.

  • That is it arms race!

    I was just looking for a reason to arm my UAV!

    I don't think that's practical - guns are just to heavy for most UAVs, you'd either have to mountem like guns in fighters or need some sort of pan tilt turret for them (again that is bound to be fairly heavy)... explosives would make more sense since you don't need much to cause some damage to ppl or property

    I can tell you that the police won't really care if you go and report that you suspect that someone shot it down... but an armed UAV and you're fckt - essentially they will treat you like a terrorist and you just give another reason for shooting UAVs down - so you comment is just sooooo inapropriate

    ohh and I am pretty sure someone will use a UAV as a weapon sooner or later - because it is perfect for this... just pre program waypoints and have for example an incediary to be dropped at waypoint X, no need to transimit anything, foamies are technicaly stealth so tracking the perpetrator would be nearly impossible - it's just a matter of time

    while this might not seem as an issue right now it will be once the first terrorist attack happens

  • Moderator

    That is it arms race!

    I was just looking for a reason to arm my UAV!

  • how are you going to prove that someone shot down your plane ?? you can't

    how are you going to get it back ?? well if you can't prove it was shot down you can't just enter someone's property to look for it...

    ohh and as far as shooting down low flying drones goes I'd use something like this -> << and automated turret + a bbmg :-D

    anyway who needs guns when you can build a gps and radio jammer ? just use a directional antena and they wouldn't even be able to prove it

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