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PhD student Mechanical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

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Microcontrolled robotics have always been of interest to me



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ArjanM replied to ArjanM's discussion Gimbal motors for driving propellers
"Anyone? Did I post my question in the right category?"
Jul 24, 2015
ArjanM posted a discussion
Hello all, I'm looking for brushless motors with a hollow shaft to drive a propeller. The only motors I can come up with such hollow shafts are gimbal motors.My question to you, is there anything against it to use gimbal motors to drive propellers?…
Jul 22, 2015
ArjanM replied to ArjanM's discussion slow roll left, fast roll right
"Hi Gary,

thanks for posting. Could you be a little less descryptic than only 'prop torque'? Are you pointing to a hardware issue or motor settings?

Or are you referring to the counter torque on rolling, as seen with propeller planes?! This doesn't…"
Jun 28, 2015
ArjanM posted a discussion
Hello all,I recently finished my x8 (with pixhawk) and I'm currently doing some ground testing. It seems that the x8 rolls fast when I try to roll right, but it it slowish when I give the same input to roll left.My radio calibration seems ok.What…
Jun 28, 2015
ArjanM posted a discussion
Hello all,I'm working with an APM 2.0 board and have a question regarding the onboard compass.As far as I am aware, the onboard compass is located on the 'shield' of the APM 2.0 board. However, even when I remove this shield I still see my direction…
Jun 13, 2014
ArjanM replied to ArjanM's discussion Antenna inside fuselage
"Ah ok, thanks James!"
May 10, 2012
ArjanM posted a discussion
Hi all,Is there any reason that an antenna inside a fuselage of a Multiplex Easystar would function less than outside of the fuselage? In other words, does the Elapor material shield for RF radiation? No problem to my opinion; what do you think?Arjan
May 9, 2012
ArjanM replied to criro1999's discussion Which telemetry kit is compatible with APM2 purple?
"Go for 3DR radio telemetry at 433MHz, longer range than Xbee and you stay away from your video transmission frequency.

May 8, 2012