Gimbal motors for driving propellers

Hello all, 

I'm looking for brushless motors with a hollow shaft to drive a propeller. The only motors I can come up with such hollow shafts are gimbal motors.

My question to you, is there anything against it to use gimbal motors to drive propellers? I haven't seen it happening except for this one:

What makes this gimbal motor different from the rest that it can be used for driving a propeller?

I'm looking forward to your replies!


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  • Gimbal motors have very low kv. They won't produce enough rpm to swing a prop. There are a few counter rotating setups that may have the shift you are looking for, or just have one made. 

  • Gimbal motors tend to be rated at about 2Amps and have 80turns or so of wire, and limited to about 12v. 

    The linked motor is capable of 8.6A, with a Kv of 100, for 6s (24v) to 12S (48v). It is for large slow turning props (23" on 6 cells, 18" on 12cells). 


  • Anyone? Did I post my question in the right category?

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