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Peter Seddon replied to Arthur Peeters's discussion I’m in desperate need of help with my 2 year lasting chinese-knockoff-nightmare-quad build!
"Try googling Mini PX$ or Pixhawk Mini PX$. I found this and many other hits:

Jan 20, 2021
Peter Seddon commented on Robert Palmore's blog post Long Range
Dec 14, 2020
Peter Seddon commented on Echo G's blog post The Dumb-Battery Era is Over
"If the I2C port is connected to the flight controller I would be very worried about noise on the battery lines when flying to be coupled into the I2C lines. The I2C lines are not the most secure lines particularly when you start extending their…"
Sep 27, 2019
Peter Seddon commented on sarah lee's blog post Tattu R-Line 1300mAh 100C HV LiPo Review: Extra Boost for your Racing Drone
"Can you specify the current and duration for:

Ultra high discharge rate of 100C;
Max Burst discharge Rate: 200C;

These are seriously high currents (130A and 260A) for such a small device. If they have a capacity of 1300mAh they should be able to…"
Jan 16, 2018
Peter Seddon replied to Aidan Boyle's discussion Possibility of Flight Utilizing Low RPM Motors
"My very quick reading of the rules is that a flying robot would not be allowed. 
Sep 19, 2017
Peter Seddon replied to Rekhy Zakaria Pasaribu's discussion what the best size of prop for my hexacopter
"This is from Tarot:

This is 4S (14.8V) motor, specially designed for FY650~FY690 frames. Able to use with 11" to 13" propellers. In our testing Fy680 Pro, we used this motor, carrying GoPro, Brushless Gimbal and FPV system (all up weight 2.7kg),…"
Jul 30, 2017
Peter Seddon replied to Arunava Pal's discussion Question about battery performance
"There are linear BEC's that use a voltage regulator (and dissipate the energy in heat) for low current from a 3s battery and switching BEC's for higher voltage/current that are very efficient (90%+). 

Use a switching BEC sometimes called an SBEC or…"
May 13, 2017
Peter Seddon replied to Sebastian Albiston's discussion Connecting two things to a BEC
"Yes. Just make sure the BEC can deliver the current required by the two devices. 

Apr 19, 2017
Peter Seddon replied to Jacob Heller's discussion Can't get drone to fly level in stabilize mode
"Props balanced? Motor mounting loose?

Apr 17, 2017
Peter Seddon replied to Mohamed Salah eldin's discussion wifi link for video streaming
Feb 7, 2017
Peter Seddon replied to Pride Smith's discussion Electric Jet Fan Quadcopter Build
"Ducted fan motors are very inefficient at producing thrust in the hover. Large props give much better efficiency for a quad. I would steer clear of fans. 

Jan 13, 2017
Peter Seddon replied to CloudFlyer's discussion PixHawk Drone keeps descending and we don’t know why
"Are you sure about the props and motor rotation being correct for every motor? What size motor/prop are you using?
Jan 6, 2017
Peter Seddon commented on Dmitriy Ershov's blog post Fleetlights - open source guardian drones service
"Carry a torch - cheaper, more reliable and gets light to where it's wanted. 

Nov 23, 2016
Peter Seddon commented on Joe Renteria's blog post Monocopter Concept
"Try this paper for more info on controlling monocopters. Would a control surface not be a simpler, more responsive, lower weight way to get the cyclic pitch control? 
Fly-by-wire Control of a Monocopter16.622Spring 2008
James Houghton and Woody…"
Oct 16, 2016
Peter Seddon replied to benbojangles's discussion Help! I'm being shot at!
"I think you did absolutely the right thing going to the police. However I would suspect little will be done unless he can be caught in the act and it can be proven he has committed an offence. Is he on his private land? I would suggest you contact…"
Sep 19, 2016
Peter Seddon replied to mark liles's discussion APM2.5 650KV motors start and stop different times-please see Video. Thank you!
"Looksfairly normal to me. How does the 'copter fly?

Sep 16, 2016