"Things are looking up for eyes in the skies"

This headline appears in The Times newspaper, published in London, on Friday 23 March in a feature about the growth of US police forces using unmanned aircraft. (Although the article is behind a paywall, it is reprinted in the Australian here). The article goes on to mention diydrones.com as the 'leading website for enthusiasts.. for a growing army of amateurs who are building drones fitted with autopilot systems...'. It charts the development of small drones for a variety of applications and sights their use to replace humans for dull, dirty and dangerous jobs. 

AerVironment gets a mention and a video of its Cube foldable multicopter and there is a quote from Peter W.Singer of the Brooking Institution.



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  • Glad to see someone doing an I shaped frame I was wondering if anyone had tried one.

    On another note.. So where can I find one of those ball turrets.  The one with FLIR  would be slick.  I doubt many PDs would pay the 7 K for the FLIR that little drone could carry... Does a Flir that small exist or was that just revers high contrast? Thoughts...?

  • What tha! takes a few mins to assemble and have a cuppa tea..Lol at shooting the cops while they ass emble there quad...hahahaha

  • Yeah, that assembly looked ridiculous.  

  • He would probably be miles away by the time cops have the quad and gear assembled.

  • He could have shot cops while they were assembling the quad, okay bad joke :)

    That will become a great tool for hostage situation.

This reply was deleted.