Hi everyone,

First of all, let me say that I think this is a fantastic forum / platform. I've been following it for a while without the use of an account and decided it was about time to sign up. The reason I signed up is because I am in desperate need for help with my build.

Some background: I started building a 250-frame quad in 2018 with the aim of controlling the drone using a raspberry pi and python scripts. The ability to read/fly to certain waypoints using python scripts, was an important requirement for my build, this due to the fact that I wanted to learn python in a fun and playful way. However, something went wrong while purchasing material and building the drone. I think that the drone mainly consists of extreme overpriced Chinese knockoff parts which I purchased at my local hobby store/RC store. The cost of the drone is now about € 360,- and it still doesn't fly. As a result, I worked on the drone in periods during the last two years, because I just went completely utter nuts and started to lose my mind over it. From today on this was the first project that drove me that crazy that I actually wanted to throw everything out. But momma raised no quitter so here I am, hoping the community can help me out. Because I really want it to fly.

My build:
FC: YRrc MINI PX4 (I can't, for the love of god, find any documentation about it...)
PDB: YRrc something... (The exact same model is nowhere to be found. It looks a bit like this: https://www.ebay.com/c/19016021222 except it isn't...)
ESC: Favourite, BLHeli S, LITTLEBEE 03A-S, opto, 2-6s LIPO. (The only legitimate part I think of the actual drone I think, besides the RC-receiver.)
Motors: Readytosky, H2204 - 16 KV : 2300. (So far the only site that sells these aswell.)
RC: FlySky FS-i6 and FS-iA6B (https://www.flysky-cn.com/fsi6, https://www.getfpv.com/flysky-fs-ia6b-receiver-6ch-2-4g-afhds-2a-telemetry-receiver.html)
Props: 5030, two blade props.
Ground-station: Mission planner


1. Overall photo of build.
8438437267?profile=RESIZE_584x2. Photo of PDB and cable layout.

8438437875?profile=RESIZE_584x3. Photo of FC.

My questions:
1. Does someone recognize the fc? And is there any documentation about it?
    - The guy that sold it said it was a new kind of pixhawk and that because of that there was very few documentation. Well i'm used to searching on the    internet, but i'm starting to think this guy uses the dark web for his fc documentation. Because I for sure haven't found any on the surface web.

2. Can someone explain to me how I can calibrate the ESC? Most videos and tutorials use ESC which have a third cable coming from it that support the   power from the ESC to the RC-receiver.

3. How can I make the quad less powerful?
    - When it did work (and I don't know how I calibrated the ESC's back then, but I guess I was lucky). It rocketed into the air like there was no tomorrow. The throttle is NOT linear at all. I can increase the throttle and nothings happens until it hits a spot and motor performance increases a lot. Increasing the throttle to max showed me that there where four of these steps/points, at every step the performance almost doubled, at least, just hearing from the sound the motors made. Because of this I am unable to get it to hover a few inches of the ground and start learning to fly.

I hope the community can help out!

Sincerely, Arthur

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  • I have had something like those esc's i dont think bheli suite will work on them. Use the esc calibration through mission planner
  • Same thing here try the radiolink site then look for THEIR version of mission planner download and install there also is the firmware.
  • 3D Robotics
    I think those ESCs are hard to calibrate because they're opto. You might want to calibrate them individually using the BLHeli instructions, rather than via the autopilot
  • Try googling Mini PX$ or Pixhawk Mini PX$. I found this and many other hits:

    RadioLink Mini Pixhawk Flight Controller Autopilot
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