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Shade tree engineer. Wing Nut 

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The pendulum has swung on this subject. At first because my RC skills stank, I wanted an auto pilot to do a lot of the wings level work so I could take pictures etc. My RC skills improved so I didn't see a need for the auto pilot any more. As time passed I see a need for long range unmaned support on many missions rolls as civilian interests see the value of low cost high endurance platforms become available.



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Robert Palmore posted a blog post
I left the tittle wide open intentionally.  This is something that is beyond my skills.  One of the things that we all struggle with.  If you want two cameras, you have to have two transmitters or switch betwen them.  Telemetry from your autopilot,…
Dec 12, 2020
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Dec 12, 2020
Robert Palmore commented on Scott James's photo
"Looks like a telemaster on steroids.
Nov 28, 2011
Robert Palmore replied to Andy Creighton's discussion 98" ProJet MQ-9 Reaper -- antennas for fully autonomous long-range missions?
One of the first things that pops into mind is why do you need antenna coverage if your going full autonomous?  That aside, there is a way to get some very good range with off the shelf stuff. Like putting multiple flat panels together using…"
Nov 16, 2011
Robert Palmore posted a discussion
One of the things that we fight in electric flight is the efficiency of the electric motor. Even the good off the shelf stuff is frequently not at its best as a trade off in manufacturing cost and longevity of a product. This fellow at fly electric…
Mar 3, 2011
Robert Palmore commented on Andrew Van Der Plaats's blog post Brock Technologies introduces Shark
"Wasn't there some young fellow not too long ago who had a similar tube launch rpv idea?  Sorry my memory is quite bad. It looked quite different but the basic concept was very similar.  Any web links to the company?  Additional specs?"
Feb 2, 2011
Robert Palmore commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Hexrotor camera platforms go mainstream
"copter, ahhh, oh yes, did see the shadow after watching a few times. There were some distractions. Great job and a great subject. Not sure if my end of things but did see some distortions on vid but hay, it still looks great. I look forward to…"
Nov 15, 2010
Robert Palmore commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New all-in-one gyro/accel/mag chip from Invensense
"Chris, I've had this thought for some time when it comes to programming max rates on a gyro. In the past, specs show the accuracy (fine) drops off as you put in a higher rate. Would it be practical to have two setups where one is Course has a higher…"
Nov 10, 2010
Robert Palmore commented on Doug Weibel's blog post Minimal resource RC input/output interface demo
"serin parallel out, makes sense to me. Use the arduino as a demux. Cool. To the sound track of Oliver's "Food"
Code, glorious code, wonderful glorious code. More Please Sir.
I look forward to the un spegettied code. Great job."
Nov 10, 2010
Robert Palmore commented on Ramon L's blog post KK Quadrocopter - Devil Inside ... from warthox
"ah.......ah......ah.......... WOW. Now that is a show of performance."
Oct 25, 2010
Robert Palmore commented on Garry Qualls's blog post Collision of RC Plane and plane with with people in it...
"Most important thing, every one went home safe. Most important. I agree that having both in the air at the same time just wasn't a poor judgment thing but really REALLY bad operating scenario. Who was responsible. I think we have to look farther…"
Aug 23, 2010
Robert Palmore commented on AKRCGUY's photo
"Sorry gentle folks we have to count that as a good landing, he walked away."
Aug 12, 2010
Robert Palmore commented on Jani Hirvinen's photo
"Definitely hell if you drop and have to re stack."
Aug 12, 2010
Robert Palmore commented on richard judge's photo
"Cool but the picture is upside down. Doesn't matter the pixels are using antigravity to stay in place. :)"
Aug 12, 2010
Robert Palmore commented on Chris Anderson's blog post It's alive!
"I'm seeing the video OK>"
Aug 10, 2010
Robert Palmore commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Where are the women?
"I know this is going to get me in trouble but............
No Couture drones.
Maybe a way to get young girls interested in technology is to integrate more of the girly stuff with technology and then some interest may be generated for creation of more…"
Aug 10, 2010