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  • I know this is going to get me in trouble but............
    No Couture drones.
    Maybe a way to get young girls interested in technology is to integrate more of the girly stuff with technology and then some interest may be generated for creation of more girly technology stuff etc, etc. That is one of those comments that are made in jest but may hold a some small value to it.
  • If we are looking at engineering in the University, MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) which had a 17 to 1 guys to girl ratio my freshen year had 1.2 girls to 1 guy in the IE (industrual engineering) program. UW-Platteville had 7 guys to 1 girl. I started at UW-LaCrosse where we had 2 Girls to 1 guy in the freshmen class.
    Even so we didn't have many girls in the physics labs but hey, I was able to find my wife there, and she has a PHD in Bio Chem. And she still says I am a geek / nerd.
    And as far as looking at where the money gets spent, PM me on how you get your hands on money without your wife knowing, I can buy a candy bar but When I try and buy here a birthday gift within a day I am asked what I bought at amazon.
  • Well, that's just how it is in Engineering currently I guess. The only faculty with a 50/50 split in "my" technical university is Architecture ;)
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    And there might be one more who inspired a member here to develop UAGV here :). May be few of them just registered as Males just to fend off PMs like Max warned.
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    I was going to correct Chris on the numbers but Pivot jumped in right away. :) , Good to know you(/Frederique) are actively monitoring the posts/blogs since last time we spoke, any updates on your progress? ( Chris , I forwarded her quarries and post some time back )
  • @Frederique
    You do realize your going to get swamped with PM's now ;)
  • He he! Good to know I am number one ;-)
    By the way, I already posted on July 14th on a post about MP.
  • Moderator
    Who said silently checking!
  • 3D Robotics
    @Frederique. I meant active on the forums. You just posted, so I now have to adjust that number: one!
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    They are all everyones wifes/girlfirends silently checking up where all the money is being spent
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