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  • ah.......ah......ah.......... WOW. Now that is a show of performance.
  • Dimitar look on KK web and it says something about motor config. for Photography flying and another for aerobatic flying! For aerobatic flying a 1000KV+ motor is suggested and for Photography flying a 1000KV- or less!. Good to know this!
  • Ramon L, the same wish here :-) I also don't see anything except pictures and basic setup, but I guess I can ask via email. Actually pictures on the website showing quad after one month of extensive use talk a lot about trials and errors.
  • This guy must have experience on R/C Helis...3D Flying.. Most modern radios like DSM, JR, Futaba have mixing options that actually with even a basic setup with no IMU and only gyros, you can achieve full control and manuevers capability. The hard part is to sit down, program the radio for trial to test, until success.
  • Dimitar Kolev , you have all the reason, searching back on the url from wich I originally saw the video it says that the ESC's where modified, but looking deeper and also on Warthox Blog it dont state nothing about mods on ESC. More interesting for us is.. how he can achieve those maneuvers with basic PWM ESC's!?! Let me tell you something! I want my project to move like that!
  • I have built a mini-quad like his using a KK board, 1200Kv RC timers and 8x4.5 props. Yes, with only basic gyros it is much harder to fly than say an MK. I am definitely not as good as Warthox, YET! :)
  • hell ... what a pack o' skills ...
  • I wish I had a lawn so I could a quad to mow it!
  • @Thomas
    impressed scared!

    Awesome flying.
  • Developer
    That guy isn't using any type of IMU just gyros and a LOT of skills.
    And that motors isn't easy to drive, because it's 1200kv. So you need to have a good TX setup or must be a NINJA like him. :P
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