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  • Gargoyle mode!! :)
  • Awesome!
  • @Martin:

    You could use the copter itself to place the velcro by having the "fixed" piece already attached with the sticky side facing out. the first time the copter perches, it places the tile where it can reattach.

    Now go start placing perches around town!
  • That high-pitched buzzing sound is caused by the prop spinning a little bit too fast and wobbling (they're probably overloading them with too much gear), but if you keep the RPMs low and your props large (or have more than 4), you can be as quiet as you want :)
  • Admin
    Thanks Martin, I certainly hope so , else no sneeky survailance at close quaters or have to get some perching( Jani , take a note) style quads ( now how do you go about pasteing Vulcro every where you want to perch ?! , May be 100+ years from now , there will be special perch ( similar) installed as standard items in all potential places by gov or by builders as building codes!! )
  • It could be (partially) due to the acoustics of the room and a directional mike on that camera. My first quad sounded like something that came back from hell when indoors, but outside it was inaudible beyond 60 ft.
  • Admin
    Ok , got it this time , thanks for confirmation , it was my browser !
    BTW this quad or most won't be doing any stealthy survailence or the subject under watch has to be deaf I guess. :)
  • I'm seeing the video OK>
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    Is the video link missing in this blog or is it my browser?!! I can't see any video screen/link of the stuff you guys are talking about :((. Can any one post the link(for the video of the subject) agn pls? thanks
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    I want to play in that school gym, very cool
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