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  • u r too child to repect smbody which shows parents manners and instructions however i had a quadcopter but now i want to make hexa , but i not used any mathematical formula in its builtt or what am asking to u .....i can also show you some videos
  • They're pretty complicated you know, and you're just barking here obviously not having done any research.  Plus you sound like you're in a hurry which is going to get you nowhere.


    Just buy an arducopter

  • how can i made it ?? plx
  • plx plx plx i have to made a project on it from my university so please guide me how can i made it myself . i have a bit of knowlidge but i required some more so plx refer me plx
  • Developer
    Multirotor wasn't never so magnetic as now on this video... :P
  • Developer
    why can't I stop thinking about control laws? errr...yeah control laws
  • copter, ahhh, oh yes, did see the shadow after watching a few times. There were some distractions. Great job and a great subject. Not sure if my end of things but did see some distortions on vid but hay, it still looks great. I look forward to seeing more like this. UAVs HAAOOOOOOO to work you dowgeees.
  • No way this hexa went underwater at the beginning.

    Other than that, it is highly impressive how confident the pilot is! It would be interesting to know if he pilots at the first person, that would explain why he is able to be that perfect!
  • Moderator
    I don't blame them...those blades could really mess up a person's hairdoo!

    (esp specatcular scene descending 20 feet directly above the model laying on the beach)
  • T3
    They all look just slightly nervous...oh wait that must be caused by the flying food processor....
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