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  • Fred est française, ça marche donc !
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    C'est une drôle d'idée mais je ne pense pas que ça marche"!!? Pourquoi pas?
  • C'est une drôle d'idée mais je ne pense pas que ca marche.
  • In response to Robert Palmore:
    I was thinking about painting my UAV in pink and call it Barbie II..... ;-)
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    Before I turned 50 I told my wife I wanted to build a UAV and that I fgured it would cost $20,000 at least.(that was before I found DIYDrones)
    I told her that was still cheaper than a red corvette and a blonde girlfriend in the passenger seat for my mid-life crisis!
    I've been slowly spending quite a bit on the hobby (R/C, RPV, and UAV) as you say discreetly so as not to invoke a hurricane!
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    Hmm , may be show them the money ( to be made like Jack said) , they( wifes/girlfriends) will interested or at least go easy on you!! ( but it is gamble , I choose to keep my toys and the bills discrete , no full disclosure here, and before you jump on me.... , I have been married long enough to know that full disclosure comes back to bite you long after!! ;) , they never forget your share of bills or toys ,
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    I've been married enough times to know its dangerous to make sweeping generalizations about what women's roles are!
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    If not for hunting and gathering , the heroines won't be cooking either !! , any way if no money was there to be made , most of us will be still out in field spending money and having some fun with out toys, one way or other there is money involved.
  • In the 90's the dominant attitude was nurture over nature. Nowadays the dominant attitude is nature over nurture. The explanation tends to change depending on where government is spending money. Being a biology major & hearing good evidence from the nature over nurture side, it's looking like heroines just aren't biologically attracted to hunting & gathering. Most of us here want to make money on drones someday even if we're not serious about it. If there wasn't any money to be made in it, we probably wouldn't be here.
  • I'm member of a Kite Club ratio is 0/600
    I'm member of a free flight Rc club ratio is 0/130
    I'm member of a Rc glider community ratio is 1/70
    And here ratio is 1/10500 ????

    This is why most of hobbyists married, becaus this is not a favorite hobby for single mens.
    Dance lessons or amateur theatre communities better option :))

    @Alex : you are completely right ;)
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