Long Range

I left the tittle wide open intentionally.  This is something that is beyond my skills.  One of the things that we all struggle with.  If you want two cameras, you have to have two transmitters or switch betwen them.  Telemetry from your autopilot, can get some of that from the OSD butr to update the autopilot, you need another tranciever  that you can also use for telemetry sometimes.  Then you need the reciever for the remote control stuff.  OK Thats two transmitters, one transciever that really doesn't have good range and a reciever.  All of this back and forth is data.  Some analog some digital.  What I am hoping to throw into the hornets nest here is an idea that I'm hoping the community can take and run with it.  What I'm proposing is using 802.11n  Not g or ac but n.  Reason, most of the wireless service providers are using n to distribute their product, internet connection.  With n you have a range that is in quite a few miles with excellent bandwidth. An 802.11n tranciever can be had in a wide rante of power and cost.  Both the base station and drone mounted unit can be of the same make and power.  Then the output of the tranciever is IP.  That can be decoded by something as a Raspberry Pi and then your cameras and load of stuff can be interfaced vie usb and other ports on the board.  There are only two usb ports on a Pi but a usb expansion board can be used.  Going this rout the amount of data transfered between your base station and the drone is much much broader.  The very design of the 82.11 tech allows for several to many trancievers sharing the space allowing for a coaperative operation of data and this can cut down on interferience. Like when you use an analog video link, ANY transmitter on the same channel can cause havoc and possibly even loss of video.  802.11 is designed to deal with other in the area and will deal with it by design.  So, my tech geniuses let the creativity begin.

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