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    OK, I rewrote my demo into a Spektrum to ppm encoder suitable for replacing the firmware on the 328 on the APM board. I have not tested it yet, but it is in the APM repository in a branch under the PPMEncoder.
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    You would think you are a crack dealer? or spagetti?.......
  • Doug,
    I like pasta, I like spagetti!!
    Code please!!!
  • Yes this is lots of fun Doug. If anyone else is too impatient to wait for Doug's code to be avaialble there is a version of source code which will run on Ardupilot (orignal) hardware to receive the remote control channels from a DSM2 Satellite reciver via the serial port input and for demonstration purposes it outputs the equivalent PWM pulse widths as diagnostics on the serial port output.

    Be careful to provide only 3V3 power to the satellite receiver. Other tips are provided at:

    This demonstration code has been extracted from files used as part of the ArduNXT project which can talk to a Lego Mindstorms NXT, receive Remote Control either via PWM inputs or from a DSM2 Satellite Receiver and control a multiplexer and 4 channels of PWM output (all based on small mods to Ardupilot hardware):
  • Thanks a lot,
    i had this on my list to do on my own, now, you have done the work for me.
    The spectrum satellite receiver is already bought and sits on a shelf, waiting to be connected to an APM board.
    Waiting for the code (spagehtti or not).
    Good job!

  • Yes, Futaba has no so called satellite. Its not needed. :-)
    But watch out there new S-Bus protocol. It supports 16 channels and is pure serial communication. Easy to catch and use for your project.
  • serin parallel out, makes sense to me. Use the arduino as a demux. Cool. To the sound track of Oliver's "Food"
    Code, glorious code, wonderful glorious code. More Please Sir.
    I look forward to the un spegettied code. Great job.
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    Doug, Congratulations. That's a cool development that many people would love.
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    Well, the input side only works with Spektrum. The output side (12 channels using only one comparator on one timer) is standalone and will work with anything.

    Probably any 2.4 receiver type that uses a satellite RX can be hacked in a similar manner. I don't think Futaba or Hitech use satellites at all though.
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    Yeah DSM2 protocol
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