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MC commented on Chris Anderson's blog post How 3DR tests camera gimbals
"What are the model of those high speed linear actuators?
Are they electric or pneumatic actuators?"
Sep 18, 2014
MC commented on patrice.rance's blog post VERTICOPTER
"Very nice!! "
Dec 19, 2012
MC commented on Duy Pham's blog post Change Hex to Y6
"Nice platform and nice flight
How long you can fly with 2kg payload ?
Do you count battery weight as payload weight?
What is your empty (without payload) weigth of your system?"
Dec 19, 2012
MC commented on robert mcintosh's blog post Analog self-navigating AP drone.
"This is very interesting. Thank you for sharing this interesting video with everybody. You are luck that seagull did not drop it into the sea or drop on to concrete from a height. "
Sep 14, 2012
MC posted a discussion
Hey,I want to ask expert advise on a long endurance (about 40 minutes) heavy lifter (1550gm camera) multi-rotor platform.Can you speculate or advise me what would be the good starting point of building a multi-rotor (quadrotor, or hexacopter or octa…
Sep 12, 2012
MC commented on AirviewLive's blog post Shielded hexacopter is safer than the rest
"It looks cute.
3.7kg empty weight sounds too heavy; how long it flies (i.e. what its endurance)?"
May 2, 2012
MC posted a discussion
Hey,Take off Weight (TOW)  and flight endurance are inversely related attributes for most of UAV platforms.I want to build a multi-rotor UAV platform capable of lifting 2.5kg payload (+ weigh of platform+batteries+electronics etc) and try to hover…
May 1, 2012
MC left a comment on Telemetry over cellular IP
"Is it legal (in US, Europe, NZ and in Australia) to use cellular network from an airborne (manned or unmanned) platform?
Here is a statement I've found "According to current U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations, the use of cell phones on any kind of…"
Mar 27, 2012
MC commented on Earl's blog post Raspberry-Pi for autopilot ?
Yes, I agree with you that one can find many high-level applications that can not be performed on Arduino. Vision based obstacle detection could be one of them. I assume, in order to use OpenCV on this card, the only way to input video signal…"
Mar 6, 2012
MC commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post Marcy 2 bringup
Is it possible to use ChibiOS/RT along with Arduino code?"
Mar 6, 2012
MC posted a discussion
Hello Everybody,Can anybody advise me if there is a method to charge LiPo batteries really quick (less than a minute, instead of tens of minutes)?Is there any other battery type, other than LiPo batteries that can be used on RC planes and can be…
Mar 4, 2012
MC posted a discussion
Does anybody worked on the position estimation of a hovering UAV (quadrotor, helicopter etc.) using external multiple webcams+PC and a custom OpenCV (or MATLAB) application in indoor environment ?(Yes, I'm trying to make a poorman's version of…
Feb 15, 2012
MC commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Kinect Gesture-Controlled RC helicopter
"That is very good! Well done and than you for sharing with the DIYdrones community. 
Where can we find the IR control data transmission protocol details for S107 RC Helicopter? (or can we get your IR transmit sketch as an example?)"
Feb 15, 2012
MC commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post HD Pocket Camera 1280x720p 30fps 5MP CMOS
"Is there any online FPV and/or airborne recorded video recorded with this camera to see online?"
Jun 2, 2011
MC commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post HD Pocket Camera 1280x720p 30fps 5MP CMOS
"What is that next to the lens?
Isn't it a small vibrator motor similar to one shown below?"
Jun 2, 2011
MC posted a discussion
1 -  How to mix data from ultrasound range sensor, altimeter (barometric pressure sensor) and GPS to better estimate the altitude of a UAV platform? 2 - How to use the altitude estimate (from question 1) to create PID control loop for altitude hold…
Mar 5, 2011