Shielded hexacopter is safer than the rest

Full carbon frame with sexy color  , 6 ducted propellors, semi-waterproof, enough room for 4 5A 4s lipo's. maximum prop size is 12".
Props are fully protected, can bump into wall, tree, person, without breaking props or hurting people.

Empty weight is 3,7kg. Current set-up Axi 2804/22 and graupner 11x5" props. Still looking for a better combination though, for increased flight time. 




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  • thanks

  • both...but not to much on you have calculator so do the math yourself...

  • Would an increase in pitch do anything to the endurance? or only lifting capabilities?

  • @Henri We're making it a bit lighter first, want to get the most out of it before selling them.

    @Allen unfortunally no, i don't have an APM. However, it is a great opportunity. Maybe DIYdrones is willing to donate one for the cause ;-)

  • Your picure with the top removed shows a DJI Wookong status display mounted inside.  Interesting. . . .   Have you flown the copter with a DIY autopilot?


  • Very nice design. A bit on the heavy side but with proper motors and batteries shouldn't be a problem. When will you have some for people to buy?

  • We're working on the weight problem, trying to get it to 1kg (frame only) so it'll be 2,5kg in total. That should increase the flighttime (ecalc says 3700=7 min, 2500=12min) for 1 5Ah 4s lipo

    It's a constant fight keeping a solid (heavy) structure versus less weight and weaker material.. 

  • Are you sure that the safety improvement factor justifies the decrease in efficiency? If you are concerned about flying near people then the overall weight & size of your hexa will still constitute a serious risk if it impacts a person, with or without the protector.

    If its mainly to save props, its probably only worth it if you use 100% carbon fibre props.

    Keep up the safety work though, that will help us all get better insurance rates in future.

  • I'd buy one.  My PVC HexCopter is about that heavy and flies just fine.  How do you make something like that?

  • @R_lefebvre Yep thats absolutly true. I have plans for making more aerodynamic struts, but they have to be aluminium welded, and thats out of my league... 

    @fab, thanks

    @Wessie Will do!

    @Emin_Bu you have a good eye for it, i made it together with Killy :) He is an absolute master with carbon fiber!

    The aixbotix is just a peice of board with 6 holes in it, this hexa is as aerodynamicly formed as it can bee, beeing space-ship like also :)

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