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Kinect Gesture-Controlled RC helicopter

From Makezine:

Forbes blogger TJ McCue sent us a link to this awesome Kinect project with gesture-controls an S107 RC Helicopter. The builder, cdoughty29 on YouTube, writes:

The Kinect detects my hands, head, and hips. This information is translated into X, Y, Z coordinates, processed with some 7th grade Algebra, and then sent to the Arduino Uno over the serial port. The Arduino receives the signal and converts it to a 38 kHz Infrared signal that the S107 can understand.

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  • Witchcraft!  People used to get burned at the stake for doing less!  ;-)

    Seriously, well done!  A couple years ago, I was able to do something similar.  I had an Arduino running record all the IR signals with an IR sensor, while I was flying it.  Then I had the Arduino play back the signals, and the helicopter would fly itself.  Wish I had taken a video.  Unfortunately, being controlled blindly, with no sensors, it was prone to crashing, and finally sustained to much damage.

  • That is very good! Well done and than you for sharing with the DIYdrones community. 

    Where can we find the IR control data transmission protocol details for S107 RC Helicopter? (or can we get your IR transmit sketch as an example?)

  • That is really really cool! I now regret selling my Kinect in anticipation of the Kinect 2.

  • Moderator

    Just don't reach quickly for the phone in your pocket when it rings while flying...

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